Impact Portfolio: We Are MLT
Tap into the power of a good story.

Our Rising Leaders speak their truths about challenges, superpowers, and how they pay it forward. Check out their stories to learn how MLT is changing the lives of individuals, their families, and their communities. We’re constantly inspired by our amazing Rising Leaders, whose talent and tenacity make the world better.

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Joshua Jordan
"Not only did MLT expose me to the opportunities of my dreams, it also prepared me to take hold of those opportunities and be confident that I am good enough."
Cristal Quiñones
"And so really, when we touch one person, one MLTer like myself, it’s not only affecting me. It’s affecting my immediate family, my more distant family, friends of family."
Steven Peralta
"I am extremely invested in paying it forward, and providing others from low socioeconomic communities with the same academic and professional privileges I have had in life."
Dennis Constanza
"Seeing other people of color thriving helped me realize that my culture was an asset and not a liability."
Blue Bookhard
"My career coach, Michelle, taught me to zoom out and contextualize my internships and early-career work environments as investments for my growth as a working professional."
Alicia LeBeouf
"MLT helped me recognize my potential and create a clear picture and roadmap for obtaining my professional goals."
Sheila Collins
"My career has given me the ability to financially help people in my family. I believe in collective progress."