Perspectives on advancing the
careers of diverse leaders.

Our more than fifteen years of experience yields valuable insights into key steps underrepresented minorities must take to accelerate their careers, and the comprehensives strategies institutions must deploy in order to attract, retain, and promote diverse talent toward senior leadership. Learn more about our insights, and how we are making progress toward our vision of achieving a critical mass of diverse senior leadership.


Voices from the Workplace: The Gap Between Minority Experiences and White Perceptions of Racism at Work
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CEOs have heard from employees that their lived experiences with racism in the workplace radically diverge from companies' stated values. MLT sought to understand how minority employees' reported experiences compare to the perceptions of their white colleagues, and what organizations can do in response.

A new era of workplace inclusion: moving from retrofit to redesign
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True change requires profound structural changes to the way we work. Despite all of the horrors visited by the pandemic—and the undeniable fact that it has disproportionately punished the Black community—it could well prove to be the catalyst for effecting lasting change.

The Real Reason Diversity is Lacking at the Top
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It’s a persistent myth: if a company recruits enough employees from under-represented racial and ethnic groups, a sufficient number will, over time, rise through the organization to create a diverse culture at all levels. But that is not happening.

MLT Study on Importance of Career Guidance for Underrepresented Minorities Finds Key Differences According to Gender
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Career guidance has always been Important to young people early in their careers, a recent MLT study reveals how this is even more true for underrepresented minorities.  Our research also uncovers some potentially important differences by gender. Please fill out the short form below to read the report.

Three Steps for Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion
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MLT Founder & CEO John Rice shares advice for executives looking to move beyond "random acts of diversity" toward lasting diversity & inclusion strategies.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Priorities for MLT Rising Leaders
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In an April 2020 survey, MLT asked Rising Leaders about how their career priorities have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and found significant change in 3 of the 8 priorities (job stability, desire to help family, desire to help community) but no change in others. This examination of how underrepresented minorities’ priorities are changing during this global pandemic has important indicators for recruitment and retention.

MLT Ascend Impact Report
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MLT Ascend is a college success and career readiness program in which MLT alumni volunteer to coach first-generation and low-income college students. The Ascend Impact Report provides a profile of Ascend Scholars, and documents program successes since its establishment in 2014.

Exploring Early Career Indicators of Economic Mobility among MLT Fellows
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In this white paper, Management Leadership for Tomorrow goes beyond the individual level to explore the impact of MLT programming on the economic mobility of MLT Fellows’ surrounding networks and communities.

Study Finds Strong Evidence of MLT’s Significant Impact on Economic Mobility for Minorities
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Results from a report by the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University distinguish MLT’s Career Prep program for undergraduates as unusually effective in addressing the complex challenge of economic mobility for minority populations in the United States.

Voices from the Front Lines on Career Choice and Development of Underrepresented Minorities
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Part of MLT’s Perspectives series, Voices from the Front Lines on Career Choice and Development of Underrepresented Minorities describes how professional networks have influenced the career choice and development of MLT’s Rising Leaders through a qualitative approach with in-depth alumni interviews.