Impact Portfolio: We Are MLT
Tap into the power of a good story.

Our Rising Leaders speak their truths about challenges, superpowers, and how they pay it forward. Check out their stories to learn how MLT is changing the lives of individuals, their families, and their communities. We’re constantly inspired by our amazing Rising Leaders, whose talent and tenacity make the world better.

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Triston Francis
"I’m a first generation college student...For me, this process of navigating corporate America was not something that was discussed at the dinner table."
Ta'Niele Simmons
"My aspiration in life is to be an example for the people in my family who haven't had the opportunities the same as I have, and to help them get to where they want to be."
Malachia Foard
"MLT has absolutely changed the financial trajectory of me and my family. I wouldn’t have the full-time offer I have now, if it wasn’t for MLT."
Chanel Alexander
""What I thought I was capable of and what I thought would be my max or my limit just wasn’t true. It’s 10x that. It’s limitless, actually.""
Yasmin Serrato-Muñoz
"Knowing that things that I once dreamed of are now concrete paths for others, like my brother, makes me hopeful for a future..."
Sean Heywood
"What John and the MLT team did quite well was significantly increase the probability that I would actually realize the future I had envisioned for my family."
Christina Whatley
"Service has been at the top of my mind ever since I was a kid...I use that as my North Star as I make my decisions."
Brandon Hoffman
"Before MLT, I was honestly skeptical of organizations that attempt to help those who are underserved, because I had personally never experienced an effective one."
Ariel Farinango
"MLT has helped me realize how unique my story is and channel that into what I'm trying to pursue long term."
Anddria Clack-Rogers Varnado
"“It’s not necessarily all about the work or your accomplishments; it’s about us, as people, and the impact that we’re having by living a fulfilled life.”"
Darryn Lee
"MLT gave me tremendous confidence to be bold and pursue things I may not have otherwise."
Siera Arena
"When I think about MLT's impact on my community and my family...I see it as a start of something bigger for the generations to come."
Caroline Ferreira
"I recognize the power of my leadership position, and how I can influence the lives of others by giving unconventional choices a chance."
Aaron Samuels
"“I try to hire people who are always looking to create something that’s new, fresh, and moves the world toward more justice and equity through creativity.”"
Laura Sandoval
"I remember when I got my full-time offer letter, and I saw how much I would be making. I started crying tears of joy. Looking at that number I realized I would be making more money than my mom and dad combined."
Damien Hooper-Campbell
"My MBA Prep Coach and cohort pushed me to bring out some things that I didn’t even know were in me and to connect some dots that I didn’t know could be connected."
Shyanne Yellowbird
"Being at MLT allows me to change that financial trajectory and provide for my family in a way that has not been met for a lot of generations."
Justin Steele
"MLT gave me the confidence I needed to own my place within business school and future leadership positions in management."
Stacey Frazier
"MLT prepared me to go to the right business school for me. Armed with that degree, the relationships, and the skills developed, I am in the most marketable position…"
Immanual Aleman
"Being in MLT will really have an impact on the financial journey not only for me, but for my family in a multitude of ways. I’m really the first to step out there and really be doing something on this magnitude."