We’re empowering diverse leaders and driving economic mobility.


 Open Positions

At MLT, we live and work by our values.



Our determination to be and do the best. We set a high bar for performance and work not only to hit that bar, but to soar above it.



Our entrepreneurial, can-do attitude and unwavering resolve to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.



Our unwavering commitment to MLT’s mission and the exuberance we bring to work that transforms lives.



The cornerstone of MLT’s work, we show respect for ourselves, for others and for diverse backgrounds and perspectives.



We focus on achieving real and lasting results. We hold ourselves accountable for measurable outcomes.



Our performance is based on how well we do as individuals and how well we perform together. “Teamwork makes dream work” is not just a meme; it’s MLT’s ethos!


Employee perks and benefits:


  • Great location, featuring restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and Metro
  • Weekly in-office social gatherings

Professional Development

  • Regular skill-development seminars hosted by our industry-leading partners
  • Regularly scheduled lunch-and-learns

Benefits Package

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Paid holidays
  • Transit benefits

Inspiring Work

  • Transform lives and contribute to a larger social cause
  • Quickly see measurable impact from your work
  • Make your mark during a critical growth phase for MLT
  • Opportunity to work with the visionary leader, John Rice