Empowering A New Generation of Diverse Leaders

Who We Are

Our rising leaders are propelling change.

MLT equips and emboldens high-achieving women and men from underrepresented communities African American, Latinx, and Native American to realize their full potential, to make a mark, and make a difference.

Launched in 2002, MLT is a nonprofit organization that is transforming the career and life trajectories of a new generation of diverse leaders while expanding the talent pipelines at more than 100 leading businesses, social-sector organizations, and universities. MLT has convened a uniquely powerful and vibrant community of Rising Leaders8,000 and growingwho are propelling change throughout our institutions, communities, and nation.

MLT's Rising Leaders


And Growing

Our Challenge

Our country cannot flourish when talent remains on the sidelines.

Nothing is more fundamental to the American dream than our right to go as far as talent and hard work will take us. Yet for people of color, the promise of realizing one’s full potential too often goes unfulfilled.


of the U.S. is Black, Latinx, or Native
There is a stark racial disparity when it comes to leadership in America
ONLY 5 of senior executives at self-reporting Fortune 500 companies are Black, Latinx, or Native
This disparity, combined with other troubling racial, ethnic and socioeconomic gaps, undermines employment, advancement and prosperity in a nation that is fast becoming "majority-minority."

Our Vision

We envision a world where inequality is no more — where people of color realize their full potential and diverse leadership is no longer “underrepresented.“

We are building a network of champions, unlike any other.

We envision MLT’s Rising Leaders triggering a multiplier effect of influence and impact to benefit their organizations and communities. Their success will help bridge stubborn gaps in income and achievement. Their success will point the way for other underrepresented men and women to reach for the top with the understanding and conviction of what it takes to get there.

Our Goals for 2025
MLT Rising Leaders will serve in senior positions in business and social-sector organizations.
more MLT Rising Leaders will be thriving at various stages of ascent.

The MLT experience makes a profound and lasting impact on our fellows.

Our Work
We equip our Rising Leaders with the know-how, navigation, and network to realize their full potential.
MLT’s Playbook

We provide a professional playbook—which includes the Xs and Os of success in school and at every career stage — so our Rising Leaders can understand the bar against which they are measured and how to exceed it, time and again.


MLT’s Coaches

We provide outstanding professional coaching - one-on-one and group —including feedback, accountability, positive reinforcement and tough love—so our Fellows can benefit from well-informed good advice and fend off well-intentioned bad advice.


MLT’s Network

MLT has convened a community unlike any other – a robust and growing network of 8,000+ peers and established professionals, on up to senior leaders. Because we know our Rising Leaders and our partners well, we are able to help each get more out of these unique and powerful connections.


“We can't leave achieving the American Dream to chance – for our people, our organizations, our communities, and our nation’s future as a global innovation leader.“
- MLT Founder & CEO John Rice

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