SELF: Senior Executive Leader Fellowship
What’s Next for your Time, Energy, and Capital?

The Cohort IV application is now open  

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Addressing the Needs of MLT Executives

Clarity. Growth. Community.

After years of securing credentials, earning validation, and advancing wisely, you have arrived. You have the title, the financial security, and—most importantly—the freedom to craft “what’s next” in a way that is meaningful, rewarding, and authentic to the type of leader you want to be.

Gaining clarity for your personalized mission and vision as a leader is the fundamental question that executives of impact ask themselves. And even then, most fall short on road mapping and executing that vision.

With its apropos acronym, SELF is about personal discovery and attainment of your full potential at the executive level.


SELF provides high-impact, senior executives of color with a comprehensive suite of support when they need it most.

Personalized assessments to prompt reflection and clarity on your next steps as an executive

Executive coaching to help you devise a feasible, yet ambitious roadmap for your top aims

Career Agents to implement executive needs for social impact, network strategy, content & thought leadership, executive presence, and/or wealth optimization

Leader development workshops to strengthen the attributes and mindset you will need as a leader of impact

Executive-led small groups for greater support and accountability as you navigate your next steps

A cohort of senior leaders for an accelerating peer community of executives across sectors, roles, and experiences



At this time, the Fellowship application is open to MLT Alumni executives* we encourage non-alumni to apply for select spots

*Qualifying executives have one or more of the experiences below:

  • Have a desire for a cohort experience
  • Be willing and able to fulfill all requirements and commitments listed in the overview
  • Experienced inequitable access to career-accelerating resources, including Black, Hispanic, and Native American individuals
  • Possess senior leadership experience listed in the overview and below
    • C-suite professionals in public companies, or private companies and nonprofits of scale
    • VP/SVP/EVPs 1-3 levels removed from CEO in public companies or private companies and nonprofits of scale
    • Founders/Entrepreneurs or Managing Partners/Directors with annual revenues of at least $5M
    • High-ranking military or government leaders
Fellowship Timeline
  • Application period: Fall – Spring (Rolling Admissions)
  • Onboarding: Spring to Fall
  • Fellowship: October – August
  • Compass Week: October, Wed-Sunday
  • MLT Alumni Status: September & Beyond

MLT, private donors, and partnering organizations are underwriting a significant cost of the Cohort IV program. The Fee covers all Fellowship workshops, sessions, engagements, fireside chats, and Compass Week accommodations and most meals.

MLT Alumni are responsible for paying the reduced Fellowship Fee of $7,590 and Non-Alumni are responsible for paying $8,000 upon accepting their Fellowship offer. Payment plans and extensions are available for Fellows and Employers. We recommend applicants interested in sponsorship begin the process with their employer as soon as possible, leveraging the Cohort Overview and support from

Fellowship Team

Shanna Kennedy, Associate Director, SELF

Shanna leads Fellowship development and team management. She resides in Greenville, SC, and is a graduate of South Carolina State University with a bachelor’s in Psychology and Strayer University with a master’s in Educational Leadership & Management. Connect on LinkedIn


Onix Nava, Manager, SELF

Onix leads Fellowship communications and operations strategy and execution. She resides in Chicago, IL,  and is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in Journalism and Northwestern University with a master’s in Leadership Communication. Connect on LinkedIn


Leader Development Team

Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute (BECI)  enables leaders to develop their authentic selves, live their values, and make a positive impact in their communities and the world. The team—comprised of certified executive coaches in leadership, communications, design thinking, and innovation —is grateful to deepen its relationship with MLT. The BECI-designed portion of the SELF program is designed to take leaders on a journey of self-discovery and leader development by combining 1-on-1 executive coaching with group coaching sessions and learning workshops.


Specialized Agents

MLT curated a group of leaders from the top organizations in sports, tech, media, consulting, wealth management, executive search, philanthropy, and board access. You will select 1-2 Agents to help actualize your most accelerating needs related to:


  • Social Impact
  • Network Strategy
  • Content & Thought Leadership
  • Executive Presence
  • Wealth Optimization
More Services

We encourage all Alumni to consider other MLT services, particularly:

Career Advancement Program (CAP)

Your path to senior leadership continues here. CAP is an intensive program for highly-talented, mid-career professionals.

Please note the key differences between SELF and CAP below.

  • Audience: CAP is for aspiring senior executives, who have been identified as high-potential leaders by their employers. SELF is for MLT alumni who have already reached executive or C-suite roles, and Fellows may even be CAP alumni
  • Outcome: CAP focuses on helping participants reach senior leadership positions or secure a promotion within the companies at which they are currently employed. SELF programming is personalized to help alumni from any MLT partner, background, or program achieve their individual goals—whether personal, civic, or professional—at the executive level 
  • Sponsorship: CAP Fellows must be sponsored by their organization in order to participate. SELF involvement is driven by the alum. Any alum can apply, pay, and commit to participating in SELF

Alumni Career Coaching

Accelerate your career with intensive coaching offered to Alumni at a discounted rate. This is great for alumni focused on targeted outcomes–promotions, transitions, and mid-career personal clarity.