SELF: Senior Executive Leader Fellowship
What’s Next for Your Time, Energy, and Capital

Applications will re-open in spring 2022.  

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Community. Clarity. Accelerating Access.

After years of securing credentials, earning validation, and advancing wisely in all respects, you have arrived. You have the title, the financial security, and—most importantly—the freedom to craft “what’s next” in a way that is meaningful, rewarding, and authentic to the type of leader you want to be.

MLT’s inaugural Senior Executive Leader Fellowship (SELF) is a 16-month experience that provides high-impact, senior executives the peer community, intensive envisioning, executive coaching, and career agent support to realize your personalized leadership objectives. SELF will help you maximize your energy, talent, and wealth toward pursuing outcomes of impact and resonance to you. This might include serving on boards, strategic C-suite placements, business partnerships, philanthropic strategies, or enhanced visibility.


The fellowship application is open to all executives with senior leadership experience or comparable scope of responsibility, e.g., chief executive officer, executive director, or general manager. You must be an MLT alum to apply.


Gaining clarity for your personal mission and vision as a leader is the fundamental question that executives of impact ask themselves. And even then, most fall short on roadmapping and executing on that vision. With its apropos acronym, SELF is about personal discovery and attainment of your full potential at the executive level. The fellowship will include:

Customized assessments with a comprehensive lens on the professional and personal considerations that will shape your next pivotal moves

Monthly, one-on-one engagements with executive coaches trained to work with C-suite individuals

Intensive, multi-day dynamic sessions, content, and speakers to help shape your vision and develop your roadmap

Expert-led small group sessions that are curated to align with leader visions and experiences

A career agent to help actualize your action plan (ex. access to VC-backed enterprises, boards, C-suite placements, speaking engagements, business deals, philanthropic pursuits, etc.)

A cohort of senior leaders representing various career pathways and executive experiences with one commonality: all are senior MLT alumni.


MLT, private donors, and partnering organizations are underwriting a significant cost of the SELF components. Fellows are expected to pay $5,500, payable upon acceptance into the fellowship. Please note, if you or your organization would like to contribute to a portion of the actual costs, you will help MLT subsidize the costs for other MLT Fellows.

Program Timeline
  • Application Open: February 3
  • Application Close: March 25
  • Selection Announcement & Onboarding: Early April
  • Assessments Completed: Late April
  • Group Development: May 20 – 21, July 23, October 15 in 2021, and February 4, 2022 (Programming is from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. ET)
  • Executive Coaching: June – December 2021
  • Career Agent: September – August 2022
Meet the Fellowship Director

Desirée Stolar is the Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Strategy at MLT, where she steers digital engagement, career acceleration programming, communications, personal development, and special projects to serve 8,000+ MLT alumni.

Desirée was the Co-Founder and CEO of Unshrinkit, a Shark Tank-winning product. Under her leadership, Unshrinkit secured domestic retail partnerships, global distribution, and a successful sale in 2019. Before Unshrinkit, Desirée spent several years as a research and brand strategist for media, tech, retail, and nonprofit organizations. 

She currently advises a VC-backed stealth venture, board prep programs, local government officials, and religious institutions on branding, recruitment, and external communications matters.

Desirée is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Business School.

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