Intensive Career Coaching

Accelerate your career.

MLT is a leader in professional development coaching for professionals of color, and uniquely qualified to help MLT alumni accelerate their careers. We’ve delivered over 100,000 coaching hours, conducted personal clarity sessions, and led career workshops for 8,000+ MLT alumni participants.

As an MLT alum, you have access to career coaching services at a discounted rate that are designed to accelerate your career.


What does an MLT Alumni Career Coaching provide?

Our comprehensive coaching packages help you navigate questions like, “What do I really want to do?”; “How do I accelerate the timeline for getting a promotion?”; and “How do I pivot to a new industry?”.

Our role-specific coaching services will help you refine your resume/cover letter/LinkedIn profile, craft your “tell me about yourself” story, practice behavioral interview questions, and answer job search-related questions.


How much does MLT Alumni Career Coaching cost?

MLT alumni have access to discounted prices on coaching services that typically range from $49-299 for focused coaching sessions, to $999 for more comprehensive coaching packages.


  1. Prep call to sharpen questions and goals for any outreach to a strategic contact
  2. Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn review
  3. Prep for interviews or compensation negotiations


Personal Clarity Package

You feel professionally stagnant, and need structure and resources to discover which path you want to pursue next.

Topics include:

  1. Exploring your strengths, perceived issues, desired opportunities, and possible life considerations—and matching them with roles or companies
  2. Uncovering limiting beliefs or realities that may be blocking your potential
  3. Brainstorming and pursuing new potential career paths

Pivot Package

You want to make a change — to a new company, a new role, or a new industry — and need to position yourself for success and new opportunities.

Topics include:

  1. Discussing your career narrative, personal positioning, and anticipated contributions to best position you for a career transition
  2. Discerning optimal connections with MLT alumni in your desired roles or companies
  3. Mapping your skills, competencies, and interests to target firms and roles

Promotion Package

You want to focus on the skills and relationships needed for exceptional performance in your current role and next promotion.

Topics include:

  1. Understanding the bar for advancement and road-mapping your next steps
  2. Refining your performance skills, and managing office politics 
  3. Building a personal brand, communicating with purpose, and establishing a leader/managerial presence


3 Reasons to Choose MLT for Your Career Coaching Needs

We are here to help MLT alumni achieve their career potential and realize their ambitions. Choose MLT for your career coaching needs because we are:


For 15 years, MLT has provided exceptional coaching and skills training for underrepresented talent at all levels of the career continuum, giving them access to a powerful and professional network of peers, mentors, and senior leaders.


MLT coaches have attended top undergraduate and business schools, worked at blue-chip firms in prestigious industries/ sectors, and understand what the high-performance bar looks like at all levels.


MLT coaches understand the motivations, perceptions, and experiences driving career decisions and have visibility into the common and frequently avoidable mistakes that both firms and underrepresented minorities make along the way.