Partnership Opportunities

Move the needle on diversity with MLT’s comprehensive talent solution.





Create Winning Diversity Strategies

The MLT Employer Playbook is individualized to provide your organization with powerful insights and winning strategies for building a robust, sustainable and diverse talent pipeline. Through collaboration with senior executives and HR leadership, MLT guides organizations through a structured process that addresses their particular challenges and drivers for success. A typical engagement runs three to six months but is tailored to meet your firm’s needs.

MLT brings 15 years of experience and millions of data points to help organizations with:

  • Framing — How did we get here? How are we doing relative to other organizations, in and outside of our industry?
  • Metrics — What does success look like in three to five years? What are the critical milestones?
  • Prioritization — What combination of investments will be most effective and drive the highest ROI?
  • Organizational Approach — How do we communicate to diverse candidates? How do we close performance and promotion gaps? What does effective implementation look like?

Recruit Undergraduate and MBA Talent

Many organizations partner with MLT to extend their campus recruitment efforts, given that MLT is on more than 100 undergraduate campuses and MLT’s MBA talent hails from the nation’s top business schools.

MLT expands talent pipelines by connecting our partners with high-performing candidates who have completed MLT’s rigorous coaching and development programs. Through MLT’s seminars and virtual engagements, partners can form relationships with talented students and influence their career choices — well ahead of the traditional recruiting cycle.  

If your organization is focused on the entry level pipeline of diverse talent, MLT’s Career Prep program provides you with a pool of more than 400 undergraduate students, each year, who are highly prepared to succeed in internships and on the job.

If your organization is seeking graduate-level talent, our MBA Professional Development program cultivates more than 300 diverse leaders annually, from the nation’s Top 25 Business Schools, who are ready to perform on day one in internships and full-time roles.  

Hire Experienced Professionals

MLT’s Experienced Talent Network seamlessly integrates high-performing candidates into our partners’ lateral hiring processes. We collaborate with internal business units to source candidates for specific roles from our pre-vetted pool of top talent across industries. MLT candidates receive individual coaching and are highly prepared for each interview process. Our team also provides unique insights and strategies to enhance partners’ employer brand profile and appeal to MLT’s experienced candidates.

Retain and Advance Mid-Career Talent

The Career Advancement Program (CAP) gives high-performing, mid-career professionals the keys to unlock their full leadership potential. Our comprehensive executive leadership training provides the skills, support and insights needed to strengthen and sustain performance. With CAP, partners can:

  • Increase retention of talented diverse professionals by offering a transformative professional development opportunity for emerging leaders.
  • Attract additional diverse talent by helping talented minorities advance to senior levels, where they become powerful magnets for attracting more diverse talent.
  • Enhance company performance by providing leaders with the tools they need to achieve optimal business results.