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For nearly 20 years, MLT has furthered its mission of closing racial wealth gaps by helping thousands of Black, Hispanic, and Native American professionals navigate their MBA career transitions.

MLT’s Early Access MBA Prep program prepares high-achieving individuals who have experienced inequitable access to career-accelerating resources, including Black, Hispanic, and Native American individuals, to become senior leaders in business and social sector organizations.

  • Personalized coaching to develop a winning game plan for admission
  • A structured curriculum to help EA Fellows cultivate personal clarity, articulate professional goals, and identify their best-fit programs
  • Access to top MBA program admissions officers through EA-specific virtual events
  • A network of high-performing peers in the MLT community, including MBA Prep Fellows and alumni

MLT also offers:

MBA Prep Accelerated,  a six-month, boutique admissions program featuring enhanced consulting options for applicants with tests score of  GMAT 680+; GRE of 320+; or EA of 155+

Test Prep Coaching, for applicants who wish to strengthen their GMAT or GRE test score prior to MBA Prep

For more information, contact mba-apply@mlt.org.

Meet Some of Our Early Access MBA Prep Alumni


Kristophe Smith-Walker
Harvard Business School

Early Access MBA Prep was such a formative experience in applying to deferred MBA programs. My coach laid amazing groundwork with self-discovery and branding which enabled me to curate the most genuine and unique applications; having such a wealth of knowledge through MLT and my coach was crucial to understanding the application process and the ‘science’ behind it all!

Fikunmi Idowu
Columbia Business School

Participation in the Early Access MBA Prep program was crucial to the MBA deferred admissions pathway. My coach was an amazing guide and support as I mapped my career goals, selected ideal programs, developed an application, and prepared for interviews.

Savion Jean-Pierre
Stanford University – Graduate School of Business

Thanks to the invaluable guidance of Early Access MBA Prep, I crafted an authentic narrative that deeply resonated with my life experiences and future ambitions. My coach’s unwavering support instilled the confidence I needed throughout the application process, ultimately leading to my acceptance into my top-choice business school.

Turquoise Brewington
Columbia Business School

MLT has been indispensable in imagining the possibilities of pursuing my interests in the business world. When I had the opportunity to apply to the inaugural Early Access MBA Prep, I knew that I would be receiving the best tools and resources to plan ahead for the next step in my career. I could not imagine going through this process without my coach, who empowered me to deeply reflect and articulate my goals!

Luis Alberto Cortes Reyes Jr.
Stanford University – Graduate School of Business

MLT’s Early Access MBA Prep program offered me game-changing mentorship that helped me articulate my story to the admissions offices. Something I will never forget is how much my coach holistically helped me during application season which allowed me to realize my grad school dream!