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Last year, GMAT Coaching participants increased their scores by an average of 92 points.

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Struggling with the GMAT? You’re Not Alone.

It’s common to underestimate the time and energy it takes to get the score you want. MLT’s GMAT Coaching is a virtual program designed to help you improve your GMAT score. The program content is delivered by a veteran GMAT coach and includes one-on-one sessions, weekly group calls, and ongoing access to personalized strategies and resources. Participants engage with GMAT Coaching for approximately six months. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis.

Program Takeaways

  • Clarity on the areas in which you need support – whether it’s a gap in knowledge, test-taking skills, or study habits
  • An individualized test-taking strategy that optimizes your strengths and addresses your weaknesses
  • The confidence you’ll need to achieve your optimal test score
  • Accountability and guidance provided by GMAT coaching veteran, with more than 18 years of test prep experience
  • A supportive community of test-takers, who share similar backgrounds and career aspirations

Is GMAT Coaching Right for You?

GMAT Coaching is ideal for underrepresented minorities who:

GMAT Coaching is an independent program. However, for many participants, it serves as a useful precursor to MLT’s MBA Prep program. GMAT Coaching is not a replacement for GMAT prep courses. The program will help you maximize your score by ensuring you get the most out of your study resources, including study books, prep courses, and tutoring. Ideally, participants should begin GMAT Coaching at least six months before taking, or retaking, the official GMAT exam.

  • The cost for GMAT Coaching is $150 for the Four-Week Action Plan, and a $300 program fee.

Meet Your GMAT Coach

Tom Jones has more than 18 years of experience as a test prep tutor, instructor, trainer, and content developer. He has tutored more than 1,000 students and MBA applicants. Tom is a former Premier Tutor and Master Trainer at Princeton Review. He personally developed MLT’s GMAT Coaching curriculum.


Getting Started

The first step in the GMAT Coaching program is to complete MLT’s Four-Week Action Plan. The Action Plan will lay a foundation for your GMAT strategy by creating personal clarity around your current position, and what you realistically need to accomplish in order to achieve your desired test score.

Early Career
Meet some of GMAT Coaching Participants
I highly recommend this program to those who want to hone their GMAT skills, while at the same time, gaining a supportive community.
Claudia Moreno
GMAT Coaching participant