Impact Portfolio: We Are MLT
Tap into the power of a good story.

Our Rising Leaders speak their truths about challenges, superpowers, and how they pay it forward. Check out their stories to learn how MLT is changing the lives of individuals, their families, and their communities. We’re constantly inspired by our amazing Rising Leaders, whose talent and tenacity make the world better.

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Rahila Olanrewaju
"Being in MLT has expanded the potential of the generational wealth I'm able to build for my family and for my children and those who will come after me."
Roberto Rosas
"When you participate in MLT, you join a network of excellence, and it's contagious."
Breann Davis
"MLT, not once but twice, helped me elevate my personal definition of what it meant to be successful in my professional life."
Jerome Simmons
"MLT was critical in helping me earn a spot at the Chicago Booth School of Business, one of the top business schools in the world. Through MLT's Super Day, I earned my job at Adobe, a thriving tech firm the Bay Area."
DaJuan Bennett
"My superpower is my ability to continue to press forward despite the obstacles that are in my way...I have faced many challenges that should have brought me down, but I continued to fight and succeed to tell my story."
Alysha McFall
"An MBA will have a huge impact on my career and financial trajectory and will afford me the opportunity to reach my long-term goals sooner."
Ricardo Sutherland
"The familial bond at MLT is hard to explain. There are all these people of color who see you in these spaces, and want to help."
Antonia Singleton
"By giving me the initial tools and network to build, grow and evolve professionally and personally, MLT has increased my social capital and financial earning potential."
Corey Twitty
"I wouldn't be here today in the role that I'm in without the investment and powerful words of inspiration by the MLT coaches, and network, and family."
Aaron Seabron
"Sounding boards, reality checks, shoulders to cry on, tough love, and celebrations are just a subset of experiences I have called upon the MLT community for over the last 13 years."
Angela Crocker
"The career preparation I received in MLT and business school allowed me to secure a job making more than three times what I was earning before school."
Adrian Obleton
"It’s very fulfilling to have a chance to give back to students who are in the same position that I was a couple of years ago."
Faisal Gedi
"MLT’s Career Prep really “slowed the game down” for me. With its help, tech didn’t feel like I was in this fast-paced environment in which I was just barely getting by."
Denise Adusei
"My stepfather was a janitor at my high school and my mother was a housekeeper. For some people, it’s an option to go to your parents for advice. I didn’t know where to begin."
Boris Moyston
"With MLT, I gained admission to an elite MBA program, a soft internship offer before I started my MBA program, and a national network of MBA's across the country."
Cleon Rice
"MLT elevated my personal and professional aspirations because it let me know that I belong in any of these professional circles."
Evan LeFlore
"...the things I learned about myself in MLT and in business school have not only been a boon to my professional successes, but they have played a surprisingly integral role in building and improving relationships with my friends and family."
Lesley Chen-Young
"Before, I had a very narrow view of what a 'career' meant and what my potential was. Now, I have the confidence to pursue a life of financial freedom for myself and my descendants."
Jamal Eason
"MLT gave me the confidence, focus and support network to gain acceptance at a range of top business schools, and it kick-started my post-MBA career exploration."
Jennifer Meacham
"I now have a broad network across a diverse array of fields that I can call on for inspiration, career opportunities, or a laugh."