Impact Portfolio: We Are MLT
Tap into the power of a good story.

Our Rising Leaders speak their truths about challenges, superpowers, and how they pay it forward. Check out their stories to learn how MLT is changing the lives of individuals, their families, and their communities. We’re constantly inspired by our amazing Rising Leaders, whose talent and tenacity make the world better.

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Lesley Chen-Young
"Before, I had a very narrow view of what a 'career' meant and what my potential was. Now, I have the confidence to pursue a life of financial freedom for myself and my descendants."
Jamal Eason
"MLT gave me the confidence, focus and support network to gain acceptance at a range of top business schools, and it kick-started my post-MBA career exploration."
Jennifer Meacham
"I now have a broad network across a diverse array of fields that I can call on for inspiration, career opportunities, or a laugh."
Julian Mosley
"Whether it's an interview or presenting to senior leaders, I'm always ready to deliver, and to go above and beyond expectations"
Loucynda Escobar
"It's the confidence I get from MLT that reminds me that I can do it, and I will do it. Anything is possible."
Marques Zak
"MLT helped me understand that being vulnerable is part of what makes you a better leader, and a better person."
Matloatsie Machethe
"MLT has been an incredible part of my journey, and has definitely provided me with a transformative experience, personally and professionally."
Najika Halsema
"If you told me that I was going to be making six figures right out of graduation, I would have been like 'wait that's not possible,' but because of my abilities and the hard work that I put in, and as well as the people that have surrounded me and lifted me up, I was able to accomplish that."
Tony Rice
"There is no ceiling on my earning potential and ability to help my family when they are in need."
Nancy Hinojos
"As soon as campus recruiting kicked off, I immediately knew how to navigate the process. I felt confidence and comfort in the experience and network that I built through MLT"
Michael Pages
"The goal is not material possessions. It is simply to keep getting up and stubbornly moving toward my vision."
Pavel Sandoval
"I was armed with the unwritten playbook for success that is typically inherited through socioeconomic privilege from networks which were inaccessible and unknown to first-generation, low-income students like me."
Rosedel Davies-Adewebi
"Participating in MLTs community reinforces and amplifies a growth mindset for me, which in turn drives my desire to create professional fulfillment."
Ryan Butler
"Before MLT, I simply wanted to have a job after college. After MLT, I knew I wanted more."
Angelik Laboy Torres
"You have to prove yourself that you are worth this opportunity and that all these doors are open. If all of them don’t open…draw a door and you make your own opportunities."
Shermica Farquhar
"MLTers are in my first line of defense personally and professionally. Although, I was assigned to one coach, MLT gave me a network of them."
Sheldon Anderson
"It was never about money for me. It was always about reaching my full potential."
Stephanie Thomas
"... it was evident that I had been ushered into a new realm of potential where I could finally dictate where I wanted to go and how I wanted to show up in the world."
Stephann Balthazar
"MLT opened many doors and I was able to peek under the hood of multiple industries, get an accurate picture of the various company cultures, then make an informed decision about what is best for me."
Vincella Smith
"MLT, both formally and informally, is a constant reminder of what is possible— to dream big and never settle."