MLT presents: Developing DEI Strategies That Work

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With more than 20 years of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) experience, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) has identified certain characteristics of companies that, when combined with a structured and comprehensive DEI program, regularly yield results that go beyond the typically performative DEI efforts that many companies pursue with few returns to show for their investments. 

Beginning with diligence, analysis, and an unwavering commitment to change, partners in our Racial Equity at Work certification program have been able to set and meet the right DEI goals for their organization. For example, many of these partners have significantly increased Black representation across various organizational levels after just one year.

Why It Works РThe MLT Approach to DEI Strategies 

Organizations that embrace the rigor and challenges of this DEI work not only make progress, but also reap the benefits of a more inclusive and diverse workplace. In this whitepaper, MLT outlines and recommends organizations follow a structured four-step approach to DEI:

  • Identify Gaps: Analyze demographic workforce data to pinpoint disparities, allowing organizations to focus on areas with the greatest opportunity.
  • Find Drivers and Diagnose Root Causes: Uncover the key factors contributing to disparities, ensuring efforts target the most impactful areas.
  • Develop Plans to Address Root Causes: Create strategies to address identified issues, incorporating a flexible approach.
  • Set Goals and Accountability: Establish clear goals, holding teams and leaders accountable for achieving the outlined objectives.

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