MLT Black Equity at Work Certification

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Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) exists to elevate the career and economic trajectory of people of color by changing employer practices to improve outcomes for all. MLT’s Black Equity at Work (BEW) Certification program establishes a clear and comprehensive Black equity standard for employers. The Certification, launched in October 2020, provides a roadmap, expert coaching, and the recognition necessary to enable and encourage employers across America to make the shift from perpetuating the Black inequity problem to propelling the Black equity solution.

Drawing on nearly three years of insights from participating partners, this report examines the impact to date of MLT’s BEW Certification program on the organizations that have implemented it. There are five pillars of our Certification that reflect the levers organizations can use to drive Black equity in their workplace and close racial wealth gaps:

  1. Representation
  2. Compensation
  3. Workplace Culture 
  4. Business Practices
  5. Contributions and Investments

Download the BEW Insights report to learn more about the tremendous progress our partners have made thus far in their work toward Black equity in the workplace. We look forward to further expanding our community of participating partners and driving change within the workplace and society together.