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This Husky’s Hope: More UW Students in MLT


Fethawit Musye is the daughter of Eritrean immigrants and a first-generation college student. She says her experiences at the University of Washington and her participation in MLT’s Career Prep program had a profound effect on the trajectory of her career, and on her life goals. Learn about Fethawit’s journey and why she’s so excited about MLT’s new partnership with the University of Washington. 

Tell us about your undergraduate experience. 
Going into my freshman year, I told myself that my biggest regret after four years would be if I didn’t take on new experiences and learning opportunities. Sure enough, my most rewarding experiences as a Husky were serving as a leader for underserved communities on campus and mentoring youth, specifically through the Foster School of Business. Additionally, I had incredible opportunities to intern with companies like Boeing and LinkedIn, and I will never forget the month I spent studying abroad in India. 

How did you find out about MLT?
I found out about MLT through a friend who was interning with me at Boeing during the summer after my freshman year. I was one of two people in my MLT Career Prep cohort who were from the University of Washington (UW).

What was the most valuable thing you got out of MLT? 
In MLT’s Career Prep program, no one goes through anything alone. There will be times during your journey when your peers might have already secured internships, signed full-time offers, or have brilliant ideas they’re working on as a side hustle. While you’re surrounded by these amazing people, you might not be where they are in their journey. That’s okay, because your peers and your coaches are there to support and get you where YOU need to be. 

When I was confused about the direction I wanted to go, my peers and coaches helped me with interview prep, career development, and gaining the confidence I needed to be successful. So, the greatest thing MLT taught me is that you aren’t in this alone. That, and my success is only as big as my community’s success. 

Why should students at UW apply for MLT?
Huskies, if you’re interested in growing yourself professionally and pushing beyond your comfort zone, you need to apply to MLT. MLT will give you the roadmap necessary to reach success and become the global changemakers that corporate America needs. 

Why are you excited about the MLT x UW partnership?
MLT’s expansion on the University of Washington campus is exciting and will be rewarding for both sides. As a past alumna of both UW and the MLT Career Prep, I’m familiar with the type of scrappy, tenacious, world-changing leaders that MLT continuously looks for. Without a doubt, I can say that UW breeds those same leaders. Diversity is an ongoing focus at UW, and although the student body isn’t as diverse as the school desires, there are staff and faculty across many departments who are working around the clock to help students—no matter the student’s odds or circumstances.

I believe MLT can collaborate with UW’s career center, student organizations, and other stakeholders to amplify the work that has already been started. UW students are excited and hungry to learn more about MLT, and I believe expanding the presence of MLT will open the doors for the Pacific Northwest representation. 

Fethawit is currently working as a recruiting coordinator at Box, a cloud content management company.