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MLT Career Prep Fellow Jourdan Henry Honored at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

MLT Career Prep Coach Rishal Stanciel

I am so excited to share a recent win for one of our current MLT Career Prep (CP) fellows, Jourdan Henry.  Jourdan is a Howard University student and CP 2015 fellow that was selected to attend the White House Correspondents’ dinner this past weekend.  He was awarded the prestigious Harry S. McAlpin Jr. Scholarship and met President Obama and the First Lady.  As you can see, he was elated!







In his winning essay, Jourdan wrote:

“Sports journalism is a microcosm of society, for it embodies politics, economics and race relations. I strive to have an impact similar to Wendell Smith, the late great sportswriter for The Pittsburgh Courier. Before the emergence of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, there was Jackie Robinson. It was Smith who chronicled Robinson’s rise through Negro league baseball and his eventual integration into Major League Baseball.”

Jourdan is also the winner of  a National Association of Black Journalists scholarship. He will receive that award at a conference in August. We are so proud of Jourdan for being a rising leader in sports journalism!