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DoorDash Delivers for People, Businesses, and Communities

Five years ago, I left a job in finance to join what was at that time a small startup called DoorDash. That decision was easy. From the very first interview, I knew the company was the right place for me.

headshot of MLT CAP alum Brent Seals

MLT Rising Leader Brent Seals

DoorDash had assembled a team of smart people with impressive backgrounds. What really drew me in, however, was how passionate the employees were about the DoorDash mission: empowering local economies and the people and businesses that drive them. Having been an athlete in college, I was also inspired by the team-first mentality. Everyone was working together to solve challenging problems and to achieve common goals. Everyone felt empowered to do their part. I knew that whether DoorDash crumbled like most startups or became a success, this was the environment I wanted to be in.

Fast forward to today. While the company has grown significantly, the core tenets that drew me in years ago still hold true. Our biggest strengths are our people, culture, and belief in the mission. With these key strengths, DoorDash has created an environment where I’ve been able to develop my leadership skills more than I thought possible. At DoorDash, I’ve been empowered to bring my whole self to work and have been given the opportunity to lead and make a difference. 

I feel empowered to lift others, and have sought out ways to open doors at DoorDash in the same way that MLT did for me. 

When DoorDash presented the opportunity to participate in MLT’s Career Advancement Program (CAP) last spring, I immediately accepted it. The program provided insights and one-on-one coaching that propelled my professional growth. I left CAP with more tools in my leadership toolkit, a better understanding of who I am, and a framework for how I can show up for others—both at work and in my community. Equipped with this new knowledge and sense of self, I have been able to take my work to the next level. I feel empowered to lift others, and have sought out ways to open doors at DoorDash in the same way that MLT did for me. 

With all that’s going on today, I feel extremely blessed to be working for a company that values me as a person and embraces the diversity of its employees and the communities we serve. 

Brent Seals is an MLT Career Advancement Program alum (Spring ‘19). He currently serves as the General Manager of Canada at DoorDash, where he is responsible for the growth and expansion of the business throughout the country.