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Working for PepsiCo – From the Perspective of Six MLTers

By: MLT Staff

Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, oh my! In case you missed our six PepsiCo MLT Alums highlighted on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, here they all are. All with different professional backgrounds and all in different phases of their careers. They shared some of their favorite things about working at our partner company PepsiCo.


Andrew Maloney

PepsiCo Employee: 4 months

Finance Analyst

Career Prep 2015

“The resources within the company make it very practical to move across divisions and learn about the Food and Beverages business from the industry leader. My mentors and leaders in the firm genuinely care about my growth and development which makes support regarding my career path a priority of the firm.

There are also many opportunities to help others in the surrounding community. Our department took a day and went to a local elementary school and built gardens and irrigation systems on the school grounds to help enhance that school’s science program. There are many opportunities to help others and the surrounding community at PepsiCo.“


Maria Teresa Herrera

PepsiCo Employee: 3.5 years

Finance Manager

MBA Prep 2011

“One of my favorite things about being in Finance at PepsiCo is that it’s very strategic. Finance “has a seat at the table”, as we say. In my first role, I was working with Sales and we were focused on strategic initiatives to drive top line. Now, in Marketing Finance, I’m working with  the Doritos and Cheetos teams to make strategic decisions on which innovation products we should launch or marketing events the brands should execute. PepsiCo supports you in carving your career path. Early in your career you are encouraged to rotate to a new role every 18-24 months. This rotational aspect of PepsiCo allows you to gain different experiences and broaden your skill set. PepsiCo provides many resources to help you carve your career path but, ultimately, you OWN your career here.


Bryant Riley

PepsiCo Employee: 6 months

Finance Analyst

Career Prep 2015

I’m convinced I work with the smartest people in the world. I love my team. PepsiCo has shown me what great leaders look like, and I would love to emulate some of their qualities as I progress through my career.

PepsiCo is the perfect place to start your career if you want the autonomy to take on assignments and projects that are above your job description. As a Financial Analyst at PepsiCo, I have plenty of real world opportunities to stretch my growth without limiting restrictions from my manager or director. Also, I’m gaining technical finance skills that I can leverage personally and professionally.”         


Christina Tyson

PepsiCo Employee: 2 years

Customer Management Manager

MBA Prep 2012

“All of my work days are so different! I travel a lot (mostly to Nashville) and have a lot of meetings both internally and externally. I usually get in around 9AM and start my day by checking emails. I have to respond to customer emails as they have likely responded to emails I sent them from the night before. Then I will begin looking at reports of how sales are doing vs. internal/external forecasts. If sales are good I smile, if sales are down, I usually have to send emails to internal folks explaining why we are lagging last year’s numbers or this year’s projected numbers. I also usually have a couple of meetings a day ranging from meeting with my analyst to prepare for an upcoming customer meeting to meeting with Finance or Strategy. In fact, I have reoccurring weekly meetings with Finance, Strategy, Supply Chain and my analyst which takes up the majority of my Mondays. However, on most days around lunch time I try to get a workout in around noon in our gym upstairs, which is pretty legit and has free Gatorade!”


Eduardo Bialostozky

PepsiCo Employee: 1.5 years

Associate Global Procurement Manager

MBA Professional Development 2013

“I helped organize an amazing Adelante kick off event with live music, drinks, food and of course dancing. Adelante is the representative group for PepsiCo employees of Latin origin.

PepsiCo is a huge company, so there are ample opportunities to follow several career paths within the company. They are also very good about making you think long term about your career. We get a lot of flexibility in terms of work/life balance. Also, network your way in. We get thousands of resumes for every role so make sure someone recommends you!”


Isabel Gaeta

PepsiCo Employee: 1.5 years

Associate Manager of Shopper Marketing

MBA Professional Development 2013

“My role in marketing varies greatly from day to day. I have learned that there is no “typical day” in marketing, which is why I love it!  I am constantly meeting with internal teams, such as innovation, brand, supply chain, finance, and sales, as well as external teams such as agencies and media partners. I also work closely with cross functional partners to develop a vision and implement the strategy in the market place. When I am not in meetings, I am performing analysis, developing reports and presentations on the program’s performance.

What I really appreciate and enjoy are the tools and resources available at PepsiCo to help guide your professional development and career path. I am involved in two mentorship programs that have been instrumental in matching me with mentors.  I have meetings with both my mentors on a monthly basis to discuss my career aspirations and additional skills I may need to develop. I also actively attend and participate at PepsiCo senior leaders panels that offer career advice.”