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Preparing Students For Success! MLT Career Prep Webinar Recap

By: Angie Kirk, MLT Recruitment Team

Last week, our recruitment team hosted a webinar on MLT’s Career Prep program for the people who influence college students the most – campus group leaders, professors, and school administrators.

MLT Career Prep is a transformational career development program for emerging leaders to explore their strengths and passions to prepare and plan for a successful career upon completing their undergraduate studies.  College sophomores of all majors who identify as African American, Hispanic, or Native American are strongly encouraged to apply.

Once accepted, Career Prep Fellows have an extraordinary 18 months of one-on-one coaching, personalized playbook development, site visits to dozens of top-tier MLT partner corporations, and assistance gaining summer internships and full-time employment.

The Career Prep program is phenomenally successful: 99% of our Fellows receive summer internships and 94% get full-time position placements by the time they graduate.

During the call, MLT Recruiter Joe Paul walked through an overview of the program and application process, and we also heard directly from the Career Prep Director, Danelle Radney.  She shared an interesting fact: there have been Fellows ranging in age from 17 to 31…all college sophomores!  We know that everyone takes a different path, and the Career Prep program helps develop all Fellows to reach their full potential.  We’re not just about getting an internship and a job after college; we’re about creating leaders.

This is an amazing opportunity, and the call just solidified for me why every eligible sophomore in America should be trying to get in this program!