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Power in Numbers: Amplifying MLT Dreams Together

By: Diaris Alexander

Diaris Alexander is a proud MLT Career Prep Alum. As Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s Alumni Advancement Officer, she supports the acceleration of MLT’s vibrant community of Alumni. Diaris leads a new initiative amplifying the dreams of those who are committed to advancing racial equity. 

As the Alumni Advancement Officer at MLT, I am honored to support the growth and acceleration of our vibrant Alumni community. I participated in Career Prep 2008, where MLT quickly became one of my favorite networks. MLT has consistently introduced me to rooms of diverse talent with big dreams, incredible potential, and remarkable character over the past 15+ years. During this time, my MLT network became a cherished community– a source of friendship, inspiration, support, and insight as I navigated my own life and career journeys to create my economic freedom. My belief in the power of this community inspired me to enthusiastically serve on the regional Alumni boards in the Bay Area and Los Angeles before officially joining the MLT staff in December 2022.

At MLT, we celebrate leaders of impact making waves individually and collectively to advance racial equity. Within our MLT communities, we see the power of dreams and the potential for transformative change as we advance in our careers, achieve economic mobility, and share lessons that ignite a brighter future.

Welcome to MLT Dreams.

Young woman writing a note on a board at MLT’s 15th Conference in 2019.

Dreams as Catalysts: Unlocking Economic Mobility

Dreams hold immense power as catalysts for unlocking economic mobility and transforming lives. They serve as beacons of inspiration, propelling individuals to reach for financial freedom, break free from limitations, and create lasting collective impact. When we dare to dream, we envision a future where equal opportunities abound, where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and contribute to a more inclusive society. Dreams ignite ambition, fuel determination, and drive individuals to overcome obstacles, opening doors to economic independence and empowering others to follow suit. 

By embracing MLTers’ Dreams, we unite in our pursuit of racial equity, supporting one another’s aspirations, and collectively shaping a world where dreams are not only realized but serve as stepping stones towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Stories as Fuel: Igniting New Possibilities

In the realm of MLTer Dreams, stories serve as the fuel that ignites new possibilities, inspiring us to reach higher and envision a promising future of limitless potential. As an MLT Alum, I have always felt privileged to witness the incredible achievements and narratives within our Alumni community. Whether I have been reading the weekly Alumni bulletin, perusing LinkedIn, or seeing us rally in group chats or in person to celebrate our peers, I have witnessed stories of resilience, determination, passion, and ambition.

Within MLT, I am honored to be one of 40 Alumni who are exceptional individuals that bring their talent, unique experiences, and dreams to our staff. Recently, I asked these colleagues to share their visions for themselves and the MLT community. I compiled a highlight of their responses in this collage. 

What I love about the MLT community is its unwavering commitment to progress, even in the face of challenges. When the world feels uncertain, I turn to my fellow MLTers for inspiration. They embody the spirit of dreaming and achieving, reminding me that greatness knows no bounds. Among these exceptional individuals are champions who inspire me with their creativity, leadership, passion, and unwavering pursuit of their dreams.

Alumni like:

  • Janessa Pulliam, an operational expert, DEI champion at Vanguard, and the dynamic co-lead of the MLT NY Alumni chapter who excels in mentoring and building compassionate communities (MBAP 2007)
  • Nicaila Matthews Okome, the founder of Side Hustle Pro– first and only podcast to spotlight bold, Black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business (CP 2005, MBAP 2013, MBA PD 2013)
  • Marlon Nichols, the co-founder and managing general partner at MaC Venture Capital, a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology startups leveraging shifts in cultural trends and behaviors (MBAP 2007)
  • Stephanie Nuesi, a financial analyst at Google and a LinkedIn Top Voice as the Founder and the CEO of Max Up, where she specializes in helping college students and early career professionals to land their dream jobs (CP 2022)
  • Dorian Morris, the founder and CEO of Undefined Beauty, a brand democratizing beauty with Plant Magic and purpose-driven conscious capitalism available at Ulta, Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, and CVS (MBAP 2008)
  • Quinnton Harris, a Cannes Lion Jury President and the co-founder and CEO at Retrospect, a Black-owned creative strategy, design, and research company that builds culture-forward brand experiences (CP 2010)
  • Nick Velasquez, a product manager at Verizon and the principal videographer and photographer at QuicknSteady Studios who has captured amazing media and stories for MLT programs over the years (MBAP 2015)
  • Christopher Gomez Blank, the Deputy Chief of Staff at Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), a mission-driven leader of impact who contributes to the Office of the CEO with skills developed in the finance, startup, and nonprofit sectors (MBA PD 2015)

Though I haven’t met everyone listed personally, that’s the beauty of the MLT connection – I know they are talented dreamers whom I cheer and celebrate.

MLT Dreams: Power in Numbers amplifies the impact of dreams within the MLT Alumni community. This campaign aims to create a ripple effect that supports MLT’s programs which in turn enable economic mobility, freedom, and independence within a climate where MLT’s mission of advancing racial equity matters even more. 

If you’d like to learn more and how you can be a part of creating greater racial equity in our country, click here