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My Ascend Story – Coach Kareem Edwards

By Kareem Edwards, MBA Prep 2017 and MLT Ascend Coach 2016

In college, there were a number of things I would have done differently if I had someone to talk to and guide me. I wish I had used the resources available in college more wisely. That’s why I made the decision to coach for MLT Ascend. I want to share my experience to help guide students who are in the position I was.

Working with Gary has been a great experience. It’s nice to witness the journey of someone who is young and wants to help others. I’ve seen him grow and develop and become focused on a greater mission, bigger than himself.  

Gary keeps me on my toes! He’s always asking questions. My job is not to give him all the answers, but to guide him through finding the answers and reaching his own decisions. Everyone is unique, and that is why I encourage Gary to tailor his path to reach his own goals.  

Coaching has been a great opportunity to practice what I preach. When I work with Gary on his goals and milestones, it pushes me to stay focused on my own. Through coaching Gary, I’ve become even more committed to my own progress.

Coach Kareem and his scholar Gary


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