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Welcome to DaVita!

By: Adrianna King,  MBAP ’17, MBAPD ’17 and current DaVita teammate

Adrianna King welcomes the current MBA Professional Development fellows as they head to Denver this weekend for our Core Skills seminar hosted by our partner company, DaVita.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the mile-high city. As a DaVita teammate, I am extremely proud to welcome and host you all. I’ll begin by saying you’ll notice very unique language used here in the Village. At Davita, we are a community first, and a company second. Take a minute to imagine what that means to the teammates (not employees) we work with and the patients we serve. I hope that adjectives such as “special” and “family” come to mind. This place has truly become my family. Because of DaVita, I am not only a better professional, but also a better family member and friend. You can imagine how excited I am to have my DaVita family and my MLT family together!

I joined the Village through the Redwoods Leadership Development Program in 2009 as a summer intern, and returned full-time in 2010. Through that timeline you’ve probably guessed right, I’ve been here my whole professional life! In an age where millennials are expected to change jobs/companies every two years you’re probably wondering why I have stayed. At DaVita, we describe this place as “New, Ours, and Special.” To me, this means we are continuously innovating, continuously taking ownership, and continuously making sure we build a special place that will be the Greatest Healthcare Community The World Has Ever Seen. The DNA of the Village is built on leadership, and the growth and experiences I have had here have been nothing short of amazing.

While you are here I encourage you to look at who we are. Talk to our teammates and ask them about our culture. Skeptical about the Musketeer uniform, the hugs, the high-fives, and the cheering? Get the backstory on One For All and how we all live and breathe the culture daily. Davita may or may not be on your radar, but I challenge you to find something about the culture that speaks to you, and test your future employer on their tenacity to pour into those values.