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Leading Employers Say MLT Fellows Stand Out

By: Avril Langevine

“I’ve certainly noticed MLT Fellows tend to go above & beyond.”

“As soon as a student introduces himself as an MLT fellow, it’s an immediate positive reaction.”

“[MLT does] a really good job of coaching & prepping.”

“Their ability to ask thoughtful and engaged questions over the course of the summer… is more consistent with MLT fellows than it is across the board.”

These are just a few of the comments made during a recent webinar by MLT Partners  Google, Vanguard, Intuit, and Curriculum Associates when asked whether MLT Career Prep Fellows stand out from other candidates or interns.

Take a minute to watch the video below to gain insight into the kinds of insider access at top companies from which MLT Fellows benefit. If you are a college sophomore who identifies as Black, Hispanic, or Native American, sign up for our e-newsletter list below for Career Prep Program updates!