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CoStar Group Pledges $1 Million to Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) to Support Mission for Increasing Diverse Leadership


Need some good news in this new year? MLT is thrilled to share some!

The CoStar Group, the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and online marketplaces, is pledging $1 million to MLT over four years.  As MLT CEO and Founder John Rice said, “We can’t thank CoStar enough for its generosity and commitment to our work. With this funding we will be able to further invest in programming that prepares African-American, Hispanic and Native American women and men to compete and succeed in leadership positions in the private, social and government sectors.”

We had the chance to discuss this tremendous pledge with CoStar’s CEO and Founder Andrew Florance and his team.

MLT: First, wow! And thank you! That is an astonishing social investment in MLT. What is it about MLT’s mission that motivated you to make this generous pledge?  

CoStar: MLT believes that a diverse professional network of leaders, mentors and industry experts can help transform and improve businesses and lives, broaden perspectives, and fuel innovation and connections.  This resonates strongly across our company and our employee base.

MLT: Could you say more about the impact that diversity has on an organization – and in particular, why CoStar values diversity?

CoStar: Every member of our team contributes to create a culture of technology insight and innovation to fuel the success of the commercial real estate market across industries, communities and geographies.  Our success inspires ideas that are brought to life through teamwork, vision and the understanding that individual perspectives are not only valued, but vital to grow our business.

MLT: We know that CoStar is a strong believer in corporate citizenship. How does this commitment to MLT and diverse leaders fit in?

CoStar:  CoStar is proud to be a part of MLT’s story, and excited for the opportunity to help drive MLT’s efforts to build a business and workforce landscape where diversity is the norm, where exceptional talent and innovative ideas are recognized, and where every person has the opportunity to realize his or her full potential as they pursue their passions, shape their career paths, and inspire leadership.

MLT: Andy, anything you’d like to say in closing?

Andrew Florance, CEO, CoStar Group: It is an honor to support the MLT mission; we understand that a world where diverse leaders are able to make a lasting impact is a better world for us all, and we applaud MLT’s efforts to make this vision a reality.

MLT: Thank you again. And again, wow!

To learn more about CoStar Group, click here.