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A Different Perspective: MBAPD Rising Leader Reflects on MLT’s Career Transition & Leadership Seminar

By Jeremy Hemsworth,
MLT MBA Professional Development ’15 Rising Leader,
MBA candidate at University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management

It started with the cab ride on Friday — as I rode down the busy NYC street, glancing skywards at the towering buildings, I reflected on my week and realized that like I had heard at the welcome reception, MLT’s Career Transition & Leadership Seminar (CTLS) was a truly life changing experience.  Every person I met, every speaker I heard and the feelings I experienced throughout the week had changed my perspective on my life and what I wanted to gain from my career.

The moment that perfectly captured my shift in perspective was when I arrived at Deloitte’s address and exited the cab in front of Rockefeller Center.  To my left there was a throng of people screaming at the top of their lungs holding signs, while just a few feet away there was a window filled with cameras and celebrities — I was right in front of The Today Show.  I use this moment as an example because I remember growing up and watching The Today Show every morning before school and imagining what it would be like to be in NYC, in the street, in front of The Today Show.  I never thought it would happen; however, at that moment exiting the cab, I was right there, I was witnessing the throngs of people, I was standing just yards away from Matt Lauer.

MLT changed my perspective because throughout the week I had the opportunity to interact with people on a level that I never imagined.  From the GM of Microsoft’s Channel Marketing to the Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte, MLT had provided me with a level of access that a week ago seemed just as distant as The Today Show had seemed a decade ago.  This level of access and the insight provided has changed my perspective on my career and more importantly, what I can accomplish with hard work and the right people supporting me.