Software Engineering Track


It takes more than the right college major to thrive in tech.

Management Leadership For Tomorrow’s Career Prep program provides African American, Latinx, and Native American college sophomores with personalized guidance, effective tools, and a powerful network to be successful in highly competitive internships and early career opportunities. MLT’s dedicated software engineering track delivers personalized coaching and critical tools to help fellows secure high-trajectory roles in the tech industry. Here’s how we’ll help you achieve your goals:

  • Build your technical interviewing skills
  • Meet recruiters from more than 50 organizations, including Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon
  • Learn about career paths and the key success factors for software engineers
  • Boost your coding skills with MLT’s partner,
  • Attend Tech Trek, an all-expense-paid boot camp for software engineering majors, and meet recruiters from industry-leading companies

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This year, MLT has partnered with, which delivers online and on-campus courses that complement a university’s Computer Science (CS) curriculum by teaching the technical fundamentals and tools used at the nation’s preeminent tech companies.

Key Dates


  • November 15, 2020: Final deadline to be considered for Spring 2021 industry tracks and fellowships
  • January 15, 2021: Final Career Prep deadline


Klarizsa Padilla Computer Programmer and Analyst, Columbia Business School Career Prep 2016 MLT gave me a platform to learn about different industries, develop business skills, and take part in leadership training, all while exposing me to a variety of career paths that integrate business and science.”



Jide Omekam Software Engineering Developer Co-op, Twitter Career Prep 2017 MLT has undeniably transformed the way I approached the software engineering internship and new grad interviewing process. I was able to pierce through the process with the help of mock coding and behavioral interviews with peers, personal interactions with recruiters and engineers, and monthly assignments that put my self-worth as an underrepresented engineer into perspective.”


Najika Halsema UX Developer Intern, Adobe Career Prep 2018 I literally don’t know where I’d be without MLT. My coach and other fellows are such a great support network. MLT helped me fight impostor syndrome and see that I’m intelligent, capable, and able to land a technical role at a big tech company.”



Brandon Long Software Engineer, Microsoft Career Prep 2017 “MLT has had a major impact on my personal and career outlook. My communication and networking skills have grown tremendously, which is very meaningful for STEM students, especially Computer Science majors.”

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