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Reboot’s Women in Tech Grant Supports MLT Career Prep Fellows


Washington, DC Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) has been awarded a $890,000 grant for its newly launched Women in Technology program by Reboot Representation Tech Coalition. The funds will be used for the creation of a Women in Technology program and to expand MLT’s Software Engineering and Computing (SWE) track within their undergraduate Career Prep (CP) Program. Both organizations recognize the importance of providing distinct opportunities and career readiness for women in tech. As of now, while Black, Latina, and Native American (BLNA) women make up 16% of the total US population, they comprise only 4% of students obtaining bachelor’s degrees in computing.

The Reboot Representation Tech Coalition, formed by leading companies, aims to double the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women pursuing computing degrees by 2025. “At Reboot, we know that community is the cornerstone of retention, particularly for Black, Latina, and Native American women. When BLNA women have access to nearby peers, mentors, and professional training and resources today, they can see themselves more clearly in tech tomorrow. “We’re excited to partner with Management Leadership of Tomorrow on their Career Prep program to prepare a uniquely powerful and vibrant community of students to break into and thrive in tech,” stated Dwana Franklin-Davis, CEO, Reboot Representation.

MLT aims to equip women of color studying computing in college with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond through intensive coaching from seasoned coaches with software engineering or technical experience and implementation of MLT’s professional playbook. The organization’s Career Prep Software Engineering and Computing program develops and prepares participants (Fellows) for in-demand, high-trajectory, and highly compensated internships and roles in computing, such as software engineering, data science, cyber security, and product management. “Historically, women of color have been the most underrepresented group in the software engineering and computing industry. Reboot’s investment and support provides MLT with the resources to focus on expanding opportunities for Black, Latina, and Native American women: to plug the gaps along their journey; to inspire and elevate their career vision; and to equip them with the tools and confidence to compete in tech fields typically dominated by men. Our goal is to create a critical mass of BLNA female software engineers that can collectively change the narrative and inspire a pipeline of women coming behind them,” explained Iris Gardner, Senior Director of SWE Business, MLT.

Within the next year, MLT aims to double the number of overall Career Prep SWE Fellows in its 2025 graduating class from 300 to 600, therefore growing the percentage of female SWE Fellows to 50%. Additionally, MLT will implement various resources for these Fellows to foster a strong, inclusive community. This program also addresses the importance of presenting Black, Latina, and Native American women with the range of options available to them in the technology field. Simultaneously, the SWE track aims to further support and empower BLNA SWE Fellows by creating a network of peers pursuing similar goals. As part of this initiative, MLT will establish a formal mentorship program where alumnae in computing can guide current Fellows. The partnership between MLT and Reboot seeks to contribute to closing the racial and gender divide BLNA women face with holistic programming and  support as they transition from college into their career paths. 

About MLT

MLT is a national nonprofit organization that is advancing racial equity by elevating the career opportunities for high-achieving individuals from underrepresented communities- Black, Hispanic, and Native American. The organization also provides a comprehensive solution for employers that combines best-in-class recruitment and retention tactics as well as DEI strategy and rigor. These practices can help decrease institutional racism, close racial wealth gaps, and change the narrative on race. Visit us at

About Reboot Representation 

Reboot Representation Tech Coalition is a group of 21 leading tech companies that are committed to doubling the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women receiving computing degrees by 2025. The Coalition works to achieve that goal through targeted, philanthropic investments in the often overlooked programs and institutions that make education and careers in computing more equitable. For more information, visit


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