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100 Black and Latinx Software Engineering Students Converge at 5th Annual MLT Silicon Valley Tech Trek


San Mateo, CA. April 4, 2019 — As part of Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s (MLT) comprehensive approach to addressing the persistent lack of diversity in tech, we are hosting more than 100 Black and Latinx college sophomores and juniors for our fifth annual MLT SV Tech Trek. Software engineering students, who are studying to be developers and programmers, will be traveling from across the country to get an exclusive insider’s view of Silicon Valley and the tech landscape. 

MLT’s annual Tech Trek is designed to close critical information and exposure gaps that often prevent underrepresented minorities from pursuing tech careers. We have identified high-achieving students of color and we are equipping them with the critical skills they need for successfully interviewing for, and securing internships and tech roles at top Silicon Valley technology companies, as well as technical positions with companies in many other sectors. 

Fellows will be hosted on the campuses of leading Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Intuit, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. They will test their skills in rigorous mock interviews to ensure they understand where they are relative to the “technical bar” for success, and learn the intricacies of how tech interviews are conducted. Students will also participate in design thinking and rapid prototyping sessions, in which they will whiteboard their thought processes and problem-solving skills.  

Selected for admission into MLT’s competitive Career Prep program, Fellows attend Tech Trek as just one of several in-person seminars during the intensive two-year career development program for undergraduates. MLT helps provide the professional coaching, networking support, and playbook for landing jobs and thriving at some of the nation’s leading companies. During Tech Trek, our Career Prep Fellows will have transparent discussions about how to cultivate a sense of belonging as underrepresented minorities working in tech, and they will make connections that last far beyond the job recruitment phase. These connections are instrumental to career advancement, and for changing the face of the technology industry.

Please contact us if you are interested in covering any portion of MLT SV Tech Trek, or if you would like to speak with MLT Fellows, CEO John Rice, or with Mark Taguchi, the VP leading MLT’s West Coast team. 



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