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Application FAQs

I am having difficulties with my application. What can I do?

For technical challenges, please contact SM Apply’s Tech Support. For questions about application content, including application documents (i.e. transcripts and resumes), please email the Career Prep Recruitment & Admissions Team:

What is the advantage of applying early?

Applying early can increase your chance of being accepted into the Career Prep program. The earlier you apply, the smaller the applicant pool you will have to compete with. You will be moved forward through the admission process faster and be made aware of your decision sooner.

How do I submit my transcript?

Upload your transcript to the application portal in PDF format. Please use the following naming convention for your file: Last Name, First Name (School trx.).pdf

  • Example: Gonzales, Tiffany (Astor University trx.).pdf

Can I submit an unofficial transcript?

Yes, as long as it is legible and complete. If you wish to upload a screenshot of your transcript, try to condense the number of pages per institution, ensure it is legible and complete, and that it has all the information required for an unofficial or official transcript.

When will I be notified if I am admitted into the program?

Candidates will be notified of their decision, via email, four to six weeks from the completion of their Final Round tasks.

Is there a deadline to apply?

There are two rounds within the application process: Application Round and Final Round. There are three Priority Deadlines, which correspond with the completion of Final Round tasks.

  • September 15, 2023
  • October 15, 2023
  • November 15, 2023
  • February 1, 2024 (Software Engineering/Technology program track ONLY)
Final Deadline: February 15, 2024*

*Please contact us at to inquire if we are still accepting applications after the February 15 deadline.

How do I confirm my expected graduation date?

During the final round, you will be required to upload confirmation of your expected graduation date to your application. This document must be saved in a PDF format and can come from the Registrar’s Office, Handshake, your school’s student portal, or your academic advisor. If you are providing an email from your academic advisor, please save the original email as a .pdf, without making any alterations.

What makes a strong application for Career Prep?

A strong application for Career Prep begins with fulfilling the eligibility requirements and completing the required tasks. Evidence of a candidate’s leadership experience (or potential thereof), career goals that align with the focus of Career Prep, willingness to work hard, and willingness to actively participate in the Career Prep program are also indicators of a strong application.

How can I learn more about the application process?

Register for an upcoming informational session where we’ll discuss how to navigate the application process.

I don’t see a track for my ideal career path. What should I do?

It is encouraged to pick a Career Prep track that best fits your industry interest/major. Learn more about the different tracks we offer:

Eligibility FAQs

Can I participate in Career Prep if I am studying abroad during the program?

Candidates are encouraged to avoid studying abroad during their junior year of college. All seminars are mandatory and the Kickoff Seminar is critical to the program experience. Applicants who miss more than one seminar are considered ineligible to participate in the program. Depending on their study abroad location, Fellows may receive financial assistance to fly back for seminars.

Will a below-average undergraduate record affect my application to Career Prep?

To be considered for the program, candidates must be in good academic standing. Incoming Career Prep Fellows typically average a 3.5 GPA. Candidates with a 3.1 GPA or below are encouraged to address their academic history in the optional essay within the application, as well as, take appropriate steps to raise their GPA in subsequent academic terms/semesters.

Do I need to be a Business major in order to apply to Career Prep?

No. The program is open to all undergraduate majors. A candidate’s major does not determine eligibility, rather, MLT considers how well the applicant’s career goals align with Career Prep’s programming.

Can I apply to Career Prep if I’m in a five-year program?

Yes, as long as you graduate within the eligibility period for the specific cohort. Likely, if you are in a five-year program, you should apply for Career Prep during your junior year.

Can I apply to Career Prep if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

MLT Career Prep requires Fellows to be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents (which includes DACA and TPS participants).

I’m not a sophomore, but I’m graduating during the timeline for this cycle. Can I apply?

Yes, as long as your graduation timeline fits within the eligibility period for the specific program cohort you are applying to.


Program FAQs

What are the costs associated with Career Prep?

A $199 non-refundable fee is required upon acceptance, with fee waivers available for those who qualify. This modest fee secures each student’s commitment and is a fraction of the program’s overall value, which includes travel, lodging, and meals at MLT seminars for all Fellows.

MLT provides all Fellows with full program scholarships worth an average of $6,000 per student to ensure all Fellows can fully engage in the experience. These benefits are made possible by the commitment of MLT’s employer partners and generous donors.

Interested in expanding access to Career Prep?
Please contact to discuss opportunities to sponsor this experience for one or more students.

Are the seminars mandatory?

Yes, full participation at all seminars, in-person or virtual, is mandatory. Applicants who miss more than one seminar are considered ineligible for Career Prep. Fellows with unexcused absences from events may be dismissed from participating in the program.

Where and when are the seminars held?

When seminars are held in person, they are hosted by MLT Partners (such as Deloitte, Target, and Clorox). The locations vary each year. Career Prep events typically start on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon. Fellows will receive the final seminar schedule after they are admitted into the program. Due to COVID-19 restrictions or limitations, some seminars may be held virtually or utilize a hybrid model.

Will seminars take place in a virtual environment?

Yes, events will be held virtually when it is not safe to meet in person. MLT’s experienced Events Team is constantly enhancing MLT’s ability to cultivate community and create an effective virtual environment for connecting Fellows, staff, and partners.

Do you hold info sessions about Career Prep?

Visit the Career Prep events page to register for upcoming info sessions, office hours, and other webinars about the program and its application process.

You can also view previous information sessions that are specific to CP program tracks.

How do I switch between program tracks in the program?

We encourage you to pick the track that best fits your interests/major at the time of application. Once you have enrolled in the Career Prep program, if you would like to request a change in your program track, please email the Career Prep inbox at Change requests may be honored based on capacity.

Please note: The Career Prep program track form is ONLY for enrolled Fellows. If you are still in the application process (including waiting for a decision) and wish to apply to a different program track, please email the Career Prep Recruitment & Admissions Team:

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