Program FAQs

What is SELF?
MLT’s Senior Executive Leader Fellowship (SELF) empowers our most senior alumni to achieve their full potential as current executives and leaders. The 16-month program enables Fellows/participants to define their “leader impact vision” in the context of their current scope of influence, responsibility, and financial capacity. With that greater clarity, Fellows develop an executive-level roadmap and concrete action plan to realize that vision. Each fellowship experience is highly-customized to help senior leaders understand their desired outcomes and design a roadmap to achieve it. SELF participants will access exclusive resources, such as in-depth assessments, multifaceted peer forums with senior MLT alums, full-access executive coaching, and an “accelerating” agent. 

Who is eligible for SELF?
Participants must be MLT alumni who are currently senior leaders in their organizations. This includes those at the executive level with significant P&L, managerial, constituent, or geographic scope of responsibility. 

Why should you consider SELF?
Once MLT alumni reach senior leadership roles, many find themselves wondering “What’s next?” SELF is designed to help MLT alumni, who have influence and access to resources, identify and achieve their personal vision as leaders. Additionally, participants will connect with a cohort of peers who are also looking to make an impact in their companies, families, and communities. 

What is the time commitment to participate?
On average, participants should plan to dedicate 8 hours in May 2021 to initial group development programming and then 2-3 hours per month over the course of the Fellowship. Over 16-months, the total programming and support is about 40 hours, with approximately 15 hours of self-driven activities.

Who will support the facilitation and coaching portions of the fellowship?
MLT will partner with the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute (BECI) to host the intensive group leader development sessions. At its heart, BECI is a company brought together by an alignment of passion and purpose to effect positive change in the world through transformational leadership development. Its facilitators and coaches innovatively nurture, shape, and energize the mind as well as the heart of leaders. With over 350 coaches of all backgrounds, we will be able to match senior leaders with an executive coach best positioned to support and accelerate “What’s next?” for you.  

How is SELF different from MLT’s Career Advancement Program (CAP)?
Although CAP and SELF serve the MLT community at the executive level, the programs are distinct in three very important ways— 

  1. Audience: CAP is for aspiring senior executives, who have been identified as high-potential leaders by their employers. SELF is for MLT alumni who have already reached executive or C-suite roles, and Fellows may even be CAP alumni. 
  2. Outcome: CAP focuses on helping participants reach senior leadership positions or secure a promotion within the companies at which they are currently employed. SELF programming is personalized to help alumni from any MLT partner, background, or program achieve their individual goals—whether personal, civic, or professional—at the executive level. 
  3. Sponsorship: CAP Fellows must be sponsored by their organization in order to participate. SELF involvement is driven by the alum. Any alum can apply, pay, and commit to participate in SELF.

What are the program benefits?

  • Executive coaching with global experts of color (monthly sessions)
  • A career agent focused on sourcing target councils, business engagements, or executive roles 
  • Moderated forum groups with peers 
  • Intensive assessment and leader visioning workshops 
  • An roadmap and in-depth action plan to achieve leadership vision goals
  • Specialized training, such as media training, board preparation, and wealth management

When does the fellowship start?
The fellowship starts in May 2021 and concludes in August 2022. Assessments will be conducted prior to the start of group development.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
MLT, private donors, and partnering organizations are underwriting a significant cost of the SELF components. Fellows are expected to pay $5,500, payable upon acceptance into the fellowship. Please note, if you or your organization would like to contribute to a portion of the actual costs, you will help MLT subsidize the costs for other MLT Fellows.


Application FAQs

I’m interested! How do I apply?
The first step is to speak with Desirée Stolar, MLT’s Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Strategy, to discuss your candidacy. If you know other alumni who are eligible for SELF, please share the SELF webpage with them.

What is the application deadline?
Applications will re-open in spring 2022 for consideration.

What does the application require?
The online application takes approximately five minutes to complete. There are no recommendations, document uploads, or essays required.

How will participants be selected?
The cohort will include 50-80 participants. The final count will depend on the applicants’ profiles and how we feel we can best create a community for Fellows this inaugural year. We will assess industry, function, region, place of work, and ideal executive coach matches to determine the final makeup of the cohort.

I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?
Please contact Desirée Stolar, MLT’s Director of Alumni Engagement and Strategy.

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