State of the CDO 2023 | Presented by MLT, Rich Talent Group, and SYPartners

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Are you ready to gain insights into the ever-evolving role of Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs)? Discover the challenges, opportunities, and strategies that are shaping DEI leadership in our comprehensive whitepaper. 

Through interviews and surveys, MLT, Rich Talent Group, and SYPartners partnered with DEI leaders to explore the state of the CDO landscape. This report provides a unique glimpse into the Chief Diversity Officer role in today’s dynamic business world. 

Four key themes emerged:

  • Setting CDOs Up for Success: Many CDOs are new to their roles, and facing unique challenges. What can organizations do to ensure success? CDOs discuss key advice and solutions.
  • Avoiding DEI Fatigue and Burnout: CDOs and employees leading DEI efforts often experience stress and burnout. CDOs provide solutions to address this issue.
  • Maintaining Momentum Amidst Backlash: CDOs are dealing with backlash against DEI efforts. Diversity leaders highlight best practices for staying focused and aligned.
  • Engaging Managers in Advancing DEI: Equipping managers with DEI skills is a challenge. Case studies and best practices for involving middle managers in DEI initiatives are also explored.

Download the whitepaper to access expert knowledge and real-world experiences from individuals at the forefront of DEI. Whether you’re a seasoned CDO, an aspiring leader, or an organization dedicated to advancing racial equity, this whitepaper can provide a clear roadmap to success.