MLT Presents: Designing Effective DEI Training Programs

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Developing Effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training Programs

Are you confident in the effectiveness of your DEI training? How do you link training to your broader DEI strategy? How do you measure its effectiveness? What about support/coaching after the course is over? How do you hold people accountable for the desired behaviors?

MLT has spent more than 20 years addressing DEI in the corporate world. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to help improve their DEI outcomes, and we’ve directly helped to accelerate the careers of more than 10,000 Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American individuals via our professional development programs. This whitepaper includes the five factors we’ve observed that separate DEI training and development programs that work from those that don’t. Successful DEI training programs:

  1. Understand and address the root causes behind persistent challenges
  2. Have robust measurement and accountability plans
  3. Are integrated into core talent practices
  4. Use positive methods to encourage winning behaviors
  5. Reinforce training with ongoing support, systems and process modifications, and visibility

Download this white paper to learn how an improved end-to-end training process can help you reach desired behaviors and measurable, lasting outcomes.

“We are not pursuing diversity, equity and inclusion for the sake of the pursuit; we are doing this because we know it leads to better investment returns.”

– John Barker, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, The Kresge Foundation