Advisory Services
Activate a Winning D&I Strategy.

Partnering with MLT will bring you structure, confidence, and trusted insights for every stage of your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) journey. Our solutions meet you where you are so you can solve your organization’s biggest DEI challenges, avoid “random acts of diversity,” and transform your approach to equity at work.

Meeting organizations where they are

Just beginning their DEI journey and focusing on business equity

Typical problems organizations face

  • Unclear how to get started or why progress is stalled.
  • Limited visible diverse representation and/or inability to retain top talent

Building a DEI strategy and setting goals and accountabilities

  • Moving from random acts of diversity to a strategic path for business equity
  • Aligning DEI leadership and enabling org change
  • External pressure to address gaps and show progress

Moving the needle and sustaining progress

  • Accelerating or driving DEI results
  • Setting ambitious and achievable targets
  • Redesigning processes

Our Solution-Focused Approach

MLT’s Advisory Services will lead you down a strategic path for DEI and away from “random acts of diversity” that don’t yield results. Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion isn’t possible by rolling out mandatory training sessions or celebrating cultural heritage months alone. It takes a clear vision, concrete objectives, and a plan to achieve them – the same requirements to succeed in your business. Our solutions are designed to help you:

  • Gain insight into the root causes driving inequity at your organization and uncover the biggest areas of opportunity to change your current state
  • Develop rigorous business strategies for DEI and identify the right tactics that will move the needle on results
  • Implement strategies and plans based on what we’ve seen work at other organizations (e.g., how to redesign and improve recruitment processes, launch and leverage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), or monitor and report DEI progress) 
  • Orient, engage, and activate leaders at all levels in taking responsibility for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Why Work with MLT Advisory Services?

Racial equity, diversity, and inclusion isn’t just what we do, it’s what we are. We are a majority Black and Hispanic/Latinx organization of talented professionals whose diverse experiences, skills and voices better equip us to understand what’s beneath the surface of institutional DEI challenges. Working with MLT’s Advisory Services means working with a team that represents what you are trying to achieve on your journey, a team equipped with lived experiences, world-class credentials, and practical know-how to drive meaningful impact for your organization. 

As an organization, we have 20 years of experience exclusively working with and synthesizing insights from thousands of Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and Native American individuals. 100% of MLT’s Advisory Services clients recommend working with us and strongly agree that MLT Advisory Services provided them with new information about their organization, putting them on a better path for DEI.


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