Advisory Services
Activate a Winning D&I Strategy.

MLT ADVISORY SERVICES is a collection of researchers, strategists, and D&I experts who help institutions systemically change the landscape of organizations to support current and future diverse talent. MLT’s winning strategies are grounded in helping organizations strengthen three core components: accountability, know-how, and capacity. We equip teams with the strategies, best practices, and guidance to confidently execute on key initiatives that enable them to achieve ambitious diversity and inclusion goals. 

Our approach is rooted in powerful insights from more than fifteen years of coaching diverse talent. We leverage that expertise, plus key learnings from our work with more than 150 partner companies and organizations, to offer actionable advice and drive lasting results. 

We partner with institutions to uncover diversity and inclusion challenges and diagnose areas where company culture may be failing underrepresented employees. We then equip institutions with a winning formula, grounded in their existing culture, and in a deep understanding of underrepresented employee experiences.  MLT supports organizations as they implement a robust, sustainable, and enduring strategy with the ultimate goal of building a critical mass of underrepresented employees. 

The MLT EMPLOYER PLAYBOOK is our signature approach to Advisory Services engagements. We help design the organizational structure and approach to support successful execution and provide guidelines on how to keep key leaders and their teams accountable to the progression of D&I strategies. Our Playbook includes four key components: 

eye icon representing the framing portion of MLT Advisory Services engagements Framing.
We partner with institutions to unearth the challenges faced by underrepresented employees at their organization, diagnose areas where company culture may be failing diverse talent, and identify key drivers behind the current state. 
Advisory Services Targets Icon Targets.
We work with organizations to determine what success looks like in three to five years and identify critical milestones. 
Advisory Services Prioritization Icon Prioritization.
We identify areas of opportunity, prioritizing levers that move the needle toward desired outcomes.
Advisory Services Playbook Icon Organizational Approach.
We develop a robust, sustainable, and enduring strategy grounded in existing culture and a deep understanding of underrepresented employee experiences. 

A typical engagement runs three to six months but is tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Contact to start building your winning D&I strategy.