MLT Donor Privacy Policy

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is committed to securing the accuracy and privacy of your information. MLT uses this website to collect personal contact information, spouse/partner names, information about your employer, and credit card information. This information is primarily used to process donations to MLT.

To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will be used for purposes necessary to process the donation and will not be shared with others for their own commercial purposes. The privacy of information that is provided by a donor through a third-party service provider is governed by such service provider’s privacy policies.

In addition, your information is used to create a record about you in our alumni and donor database, or to update your existing record. This information will be available to MLT employees, departments, and select contractors for MLT-related activities. Your credit card data is never stored in your contact record.

It is the policy of MLT to hold the names of our donors in confidence unless one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. It is common and established practice to list such gifts in a newsletter, annual report, etc.;
    1. The annual Alumni Highlights typically include a section dedicated to MLT’s Network of Champions – which includes public recognition of alumni financial support to MLT. In this report, MLT may elect to share various donation-related information including, but not limited to, an account of the name, program/graduation year, and donation level of donors who do not choose to give anonymously at the time of the transaction. Such listings are by giving ranges (not specific amounts) and may include special designations for first-time donors as well as consistent support. For questions, comments, or changes to how your donor information may be showcased in the annual Alumni Highlights, please contact
  2. The gift qualifies for a naming opportunity elected by the donor;
  3. The donor gives express permission to MLT to make his/her gift public as part of a written document (such as a gift agreement) or other direct communication;
  4. MLT is obliged by legal requirements to provide information regarding the gift.

MLT has a small number of consulting, educational affinity, and technical partners, who may conduct analysis for MLT or offer special promotions for MLT alumni and champions. We carefully screen these partners and believe that they provide value to the MLT community. From time to time, MLT may share your information with these business partners in order to facilitate personalized communications or deliver enhanced services or products. The terms of external partner access to donor information will be limited to what is necessary to execute expressed agreements. 

MLT may request donations by sending electronic newsletters, emails, SMS, direct mail, or other forms of communication. You may opt out of emails by clicking the link to manage your preferences that is included at the bottom of any such communication. You may also opt out of receiving any or all of these communications by emailing us at When contacting us, please specify which types of communication (email, regular mail, telephone calls, etc.) you no longer wish to receive. 

Management Leadership for Tomorrow reserves the right to change this policy or organizational policies at any time without notice. You should visit this page periodically to review the current policy.

This policy applies to all information received by MLT, both online and offline, on any platform (including MLT’s website) as well as through electronic, written, or oral communications.

Please email comments or questions about our donor privacy policy to