Pavel Sandoval

Looking back at the past 18 months I honestly surprised myself. The amount of growth I witnessed in myself was something unparalleled. However, this growth was beyond just motivation or inspiration, it was deeper in origins. It was MLT’s “unlocking potential”. It meant looking deep within to uncover what my gifts/strengths were and maximizing them to make my unique impact. To harness my competitive advantage and take the driver seat of my career.

I imagined that I would grow over my time at MLT; however, CP really changed my perspective on my career. Coming in my goal was to get an internship and full-time job offer, which happened. However, I left with so much more. CP changed my perspective on what I could accomplish in my life. I honestly see myself becoming a senior leader one day and I know that with the winning playbook in my hand, my grit, and MLT, it will become a reality.

MLT changed my life. It changed the complete trajectory of my life and I can’t even fathom where I would be without MLT. I don’t think I can ever thank the CP team enough for taking the risk on me…. To me it proves the strong commitment MLT has to giving rising minorities the winning playbook for career success.”

Career Prep 2014
Guest Experience Manager – Leadership Development at The Walt Disney Company
University of Washington – BA in Political Science (c/o 2015)

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