Celeste Faaiuaso

MLT has been a very life changing experience. Participating in the Career Prep program empowered me to build a professional skill set.

Career Prep 2011
Consultant at FSG
MIT – B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (c/o 2012)

“I found out about the associate position at FSG through the MLT Jobs newsletter, so I contacted MLT to let them know I was applying. That led to a phone interview which then led to a Skype case interview. I struggled with these in the past when I interviewed with consulting companies, so I reached out to MLT alumni to get some help with case interview prep. Two alumni were able to help me practice mock case interviews and provided me with study materials.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for MLT. I wouldn’t have had the ‘prep work’ to get the job.

“Because of MLT and FSG I am on the right path to gain experiences from different sectors and clients to understand the common obstacles to success people face when trying to make social change, whether from the community, national, or global level. I’m building up my knowledge and utilizing it in different projects. In the future I’ll be able to develop my firm’s intellectual capital and communicate common themes that work for people. Advocating for collective impact has caught fire for driving organizations working in different ways to come together around an issue in order to see change really made. I will continue to learn, curate, and share knowledge that can accelerate social change in the world.

“MLT has been a very life changing experience. It’s something I’ve been very grateful for. Prior to MLT, I didn’t know the importance of networking, interview skills, or resume review. Participating in the Career Prep program empowered me to build a professional skill set. MLT provided me with another lens into the professional world, and I’ve been able to grow and cultivate professional skills over the years. MLT really came into my life when I wanted to make a job transition. They provided the opportunity for me to assume a role where I could follow my passions. I’m really happy at the point that I am in life and I wouldn’t have been here without the support of MLT.”

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