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Student Doubles Down on Beating Cancer…and Doubles Up on Earning Master’s Degrees


Ian Bridges isn’t quite like his peers, who are also preparing to get diplomas at the May 3, 2019 commencement ceremony at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He is graduating a year late, after a detour during which he battled Stage 4 Lymphoma.

An engaged and active b-school student, Ian had been suffering from an ongoing case of the sniffles, disruptive snoring, and even a change in his voice. It was January 2018 and, to put the worries of his friends and family to rest, he finally decided to see a doctor at University Health Service. What Ian learned knocked him off his feet. The attending physician told him to pack a bag, and to prepare to check-in at Michigan Medicine.

For the next five months, Ian rotated between being in the hospital for intensive chemotherapy treatments and living at the Detroit-area home of his parents.

Buoyed by the support of his family and classmates, Ian made it through the treatments and was declared cancer-free in June 2018. He was ready to get back on course, and back into the classroom. Ian resumed his studies and is now poised to receive dual Master’s degrees in Business Administration, and in Education Policy and Leadership.

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