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Whether you have a business need or are planning a personal purchase, we invite you to browse through MLT’s alumni-owned business directory. The organizations below represent Black, Latinx, and Native American professionals who have translated their success into an entrepreneurial venture.

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Adequate Solutions LLCProvides IT Project & Program management capabilities.

Ade Adeyokunnu
MLT Program(s): MBA PD 2017

Adequate Solutions is a Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area based IT
Professional Service company with a global outlook, providing IT Project &
Program management capabilities to clients. Our core
expertise consist of the following areas:
-Software Design
-Software Development, Integration & Implementation
-Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Software & Hardware Implementation
-Data Migration
-Data Warehousing
-Data Analysis
-Knowledge Management
-IT Strategy Development
-Computer Facilities Management
-CRM Software Implementation (Salesforce)

Communications and IT

AfropupPet products made in Africa to support economic justice

Rhett James
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2018

A pet brand on a mission! We’re recreating the narrative of black pet ownership. Our products are made in Africa, promoting development, paying sustainable wages, reducing waste, and promoting mental health education.

Retail and Restaurants

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Ashley’s Advising AgencyWe educate individuals and small businesses on personal finance principles.

Ashley Aristide
MLT Program(s): CP 2016;Ascend Coach 2018

Ashley’s Advising Agency focuses on educating individuals and small businesses on foundational personal finance principles such as budgeting, saving and repaying debt in effort to help build long-lasting, healthier relationships with money.

Financial Services

Aspen ApothecaryClean fragrance brand. Creating scent, emotion, and memory moments.

Keta Burke-Williams
MLT Program(s): Ascend Coach 2015;CP 2014

Aspen Apotehcary is a black-owned clean fragrance brand. We leverage the tie between scent and emotion and memory to create unique scent-based moments.

We’re known for our CBD infused perfumes.

Belong by Dawn ChristianConsulting, coaching, and keynote speaker services.

Dawn Christian (she, her)
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2006

Consulting, coaching and keynote speaker services. Our mission is to elevate the concepts and practice of Belonging to support Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access and, Social Justice (IDEAS)-valuing professionals and communities.

Business and Professional Services

BoCa FlavorBold Caribbean-inspired seasonings.

Jelece Morris
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2017;MBA PD 2017

BoCa Flavor livens up your kitchen through a fusion of Bold Caribbean-inspired seasonings. Each blend is hand-crafted with the nostalgic essence of the islands and the authentic ingredients they are known for. Our modern blends take the Caribbean flavor profile beyond curry and jerk and unveil the depth and breadth of what makes the Caribbean so unique.

Booze Scoops, LLCLiquor-infused frozen dessert business

Krystal Gittens
MLT Program(s): CP 2008

Booze Scoops is a liquor-infused frozen dessert business. With four simple flavors – Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, and Raspberry – the Booze Scoops brand was born amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. The menu offers a boozy mix of sorbet, ice cream, and popsicles. All products are handcrafted in The Bronx using all natural ingredients and locally sourced fresh fruit. Inspired by the rich and exotic culture of the Caribbean, Booze Scoop’s sorbet and ice cream flavors build on familiar island ingredients coupled with common liquor offerings.

Retail and Restaurants

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BravaDigital gift card subscription that makes it easy to support Black-owned businesses.

Ifiok Akpandak
MLT Program(s): CP 2012

Brava is a digital gift card subscription that makes it easy to support Black-owned businesses. Each month, subscribers receive digital gift cards to Black-owned restaurants in their area. The businesses receive predictable revenues and early cash flows that allow them to reinvest in themselves and their communities.

What’s unique about Brava is that digital gift card subscriptions act as short-term, interest-free loans since gift cards are purchased before they are redeemed. Brava is community-led banking for businesses that have been historically excluded from receiving equal lending opportunities.

Retail and Restaurants

Carpe Diem with JasmineMission and Business Goals

Jasmine Stringer
MLT Program(s):

Carpe Diem with Jasmine, LLC helps organizations and individuals achieve their mission and business goals through the delivery of inspiring presentations and keynotes; consulting solutions and brand partnerships and collaborations that promote communication, alignment, achievement of goals and recognition.

Carpe Diem with Jasmine was founded by Jasmine Brett Stringer in 2017 to provide solutions, tools and programming to help people live empowered and authentic lives by finding emotional fulfillment in the work they do. Jasmine is award-winning author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, and founder of the #SHARETHEMICMN movement, a movement dedicated to making Minnesota a more inclusive and equitable state through storytelling, relationship development, programming and collaborations.

Carpe Diem with Jasmine’s roster of clients includes WCCO-TV, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Proctor and Gamble, Bayer, West Valley College, Allianz and Radisson Hotel Group to name a few.

Learn more at

Business and Professional Services

CauseEDUCollege & Grad School Financial Planning Platform

Shironda White
MLT Program(s):

CauseEDU is a comprehensive financial planning platform for college and graduate school. We save families on average $10,000 on the cost of a college degree.

Financial Services

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Coady Diemar PartnersProvides M&A, strategic & financial services, & private capital market services.

Jonathan Anzaldo
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2008

Coady Diemar Partners provides M&A, strategic and financial advisory services and private capital market advisory services to clients. We are a valued partner to management teams, boards of directors and investor groups who seek high-quality, objective M&A and financial advice and institutional capital raising expertise in support of building successful enterprises. Coady Diemar Partners is a registered broker-dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

ConnectUsWe create tech that elevates employee experience.

Teodoro Gonzalez
MLT Program(s):

We improve our customers’ employee retention by leveraging our employee relationship management software. With our technology’s focus on facilitating regular and more meaningful 1:1s, employees and managers are able to participate in positive experiences where they connect and thrive with each other and their organization.

Communications and IT

CPD AdvisorsRegenerative Business Consultancy

Ernesto Mandowsky
MLT Program(s):

CPD Advisors empowers individuals and organizations to Transform Chaos into Creation and share their honey with the world.

Business and Professional Services

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Culture Architecture and Design, PLLCCulture is an architecture & interior design firm

Joseph Cole
MLT Program(s):

Culture Architecture and Design, PLLC is a full-service architecture and interior design firm. At Culture, we pride ourselves on creating compelling spaces and brands that people love. Our projects range from residential renovation projects to complex, commercial ground-up buildings. We intentionally curate each design team to fulfill our client’s values, goals, and priorities. With our diverse background of working on prominent and significant projects, we take a hands-on approach to exceed our client’s needs and ensure a pleasurable experience.

Real Estate and Construction

DraperiezHigh-quality lux wearable adornments.

Laethitia Patadji
MLT Program(s): MBA PD 2019;MBAP 2019

Draperiez is uber passionate about providing high-quality lux wearable adornments that induce a sense of beauty, style, and empowerment for every body type, gender, and age.

From our handcrafted afro-centric waist beads, unique ear adornments, and home decor – Draperiez believes everyone deserves to wrap themselves in something that enhances their natural beauty and brings them positive vibes. Whether you are on a fitness journey, looking to add some spunk to your outfit, or just want to look bomb as fuck naked, we have what you need. And if we don’t…ASK!

Although based in beloved NYC, we serve customers from all over the world and pride ourselves on responsible sourcing. That is why we work with small businesses all over the world to obtain the various beads and crystals we use in our waist beads.

We cannot stress enough how important providing excellent customer service means to us. With that being said message us with any and all inquires.

Come and join us on our journey to promote self-love!!

Fitzgerald Consulting ServicesOperational and Supply Chain Consulting Services

Danielle Sterling
MLT Program(s):

Fitzgerald Consulting Services is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in developing and implementing strategic initiatives in order to help small businesses achieve their operational goals.

Business and Professional Services

ForeverlyOrganize support for someone grieving.

Keara Kindelynn James
MLT Program(s):

A Foreverly Registry is a tool to organize support for someone who has experienced the death of a loved one.

It lists things (i.e. food delivery or home cleaning services) and similar to a baby registry, people show their support by fulfilling needs from the list.

Business and Professional Services

Harlem LabsProvide business owners and management groups with administrative support.

Waziri Garuba
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2007

We provide business owners and management groups with the administrative support they need to leverage emerging marketing and sales technologies.

Business and Professional Services

Horizon Advisory GroupOrganizational strategy for nonprofits

Monique Childress
MLT Program(s):

Horizon Advisory Group provides strategic planning, organizational culture and operations audits, and leadership team retreat services for mission-driven organizations. We prioritize working with nonprofits led by and/or directly serving communities of color.

Business and Professional Services

Innovate Grow ScaleGrowth and marketing for fintech and commerce

Christina Trampota
MLT Program(s):

We help businesses from around the world connect with their customers through unique, memorable touchpoints that inspire loyalty and grow lifetime value. From strategy to execution and everything in between, we offer a variety of services that can fit nearly every budget. Find your product-market fit. Learn how to grow.
Move fast to win in a scalable manner

Business and Professional Services

Latino Art ClothingLatino-owned clothes brand that celebrates Latinx

Edgar Corona
MLT Program(s):

Latinos represent over 60 million of the population in the United States, but we want to see more of our Cultura – music, dance, food, art – present across every day clothing and accessories. We are a small-business advancing this brand to pay tribute to the hard-working Latinx individuals who inspire us every day and to encourage others to embrace that similar grit and determination to achieve their goals. Con nuestro esfuerzo, nosotros hacemos lo imposible posible. We make the impossible happen. We are never deterred. Always inspired, moving forward.

Latino Art Clothing

Home and Personal

Legends Of The YardMultifunctional lifestyle brand.

Aisha Miller
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2016

Established in 2020, Legends of The Yard (LOTY) operates as a multifunctional lifestyle brand. LOTY focuses on creating one of a kind collections for current HBCU students and alumni, as well as parents, kids, family and friends that highlight our passion for Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

Lilyana Naturals LLCLuxurious anti-aging skincare brand for all.

Menna (Mulugetta) Samaha
MLT Program(s): CP 2006;MBAP 2011;MBA PD 2011

LilyAna Naturals is a luxurious, effective, anti-aging skincare brand for all. You’ll find that passion for nature running through everything we do, which means no nasties and nothing unnecessary in our products, always free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, and gluten; never tested on animals, and we manufacture without artificial fragrances or colors. Our smart, simple products are formulated using an optimal blend of natural plant actives and ingredients designed to work in perfect harmony with your skin, so you look and feel at your natural best.

Discount code: Use code: MLTFam for a 20% discount on our website
Luxury Loan SignersWe are an elite loan signing service.

Rafael Hernandez
MLT Program(s):

We provide the highest and most professional loan signing experience in the country. We have revolutionized the industry with our custom technology. We are the only loan signing company that does rounds of interviews for their signing agents and a shadowing process. We verify our notary’s credentials and can ensure you that they provide excellent service. Trust us, you’re in good hands!

Business and Professional Services

Marvelous Barber LoungeBarbering, hair-cutting, massage therapy, facials, and hair removal.

Amanda Miranda
MLT Program(s): ABF 2018

Marvelous Barber Lounge is a luxury facility that provides traditional barbering and hair-cutting services, massage therapy, facials and hair removal.

Discount code: We are based in Boston's Financial District. Note: I am an alumna of the Africa Business Fellowship (2018) and a current employee (Advisory Services).
Nayko NaturalsSkincare formulated to meet your needs.

Chantee Butler
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2018;MBA PD 2018

At Nayko Naturals, our products are handcrafted with all-natural, clean ingredients that you can pronounce. We believe that skincare should be transparent and formulated to meet your needs. Let’s get back to the basics.

Health, Beauty, and Fitness

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NyotaRenewable energy appliance provider: lighting, cooking, cooling, & washing needs.

Amud Egal
MLT Program(s): CP 2017

Nyota is a renewable energy appliance provider meeting Africa’s lighting, cooking, cooling, and washing energy needs. We offer large & small appliances like solar mini-grids, solar panels, biogas cookers, solar refrigerators, non-electric washing machines, and more. Nyota delivers and installs all renewable energy appliances.

Obih Collective Inc.CPA firm offering tax strategy plans to businesses

Chika Obih
MLT Program(s):

We are a Black WOC corporation empowering discouraged entrepreneurs to become fearless business owners with a money-saving tax strategy plan. We primarily work with seasoned service based business owners providing the clarity + peace of mind to know exactly what steps to take to achieve 5 and 6 figure tax savings annually. We do this by laying out a customized tax strategy plan aligned with both your personal & business goals.

Financial Services

Discount code: Use code MAXTAXSAVINGS for $500 off your customized Tax Strategy Plan!
ONE / OFFProvide a platform for discovering Black crypto artists.

Brandon Bailey
MLT Program(s): CP 2014

ONE / OFF exists to liberate the Black imagination through digital art and
technology so that the distinctiveness of Black creative expression is embraced
and valued for its transformative cultural contributions. We provide a platform for discovering Black crypto artists. With a dedicated team focused on the advancement of Black creatives and digital art, ONE / OFF is the premier destination for content surrounding Black artists on the blockchain. By increasing the discoverability of such artists and their artwork we hope to encourage even more Black artists to participate in this emerging art movement. Our vision is to empower the global Black community to imagine their culture and ideas in the future supported by technology that enables them to retain ownership and creative control of their own culture.

Parabolic LLCWe offer career coaching and placement services

Olufemi Palmer
MLT Program(s):

Parabolic is a career coaching firm for financial services, consulting, and technology full-time and internship jobs. We provide our clients with several months of personalized career coaching in addition to serving as a placement agency. We focus on highly qualified and high potential individuals who have attended or currently attend top universities, possess in-demand skills and have demonstrated interest in your industry. We also provide head hunting services to Fortune 500 companies.

Business and Professional Services

Powerful People PlanProvides financial coaching and planning.

Anita O'Neal
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2012;MBA PD 2012

Powerful People Plan is a financial coaching practice that helps clients create financial plans that clean up the mess and put them back in control of their money.

Financial Services

Propelled Training + ConsultingLeadership development and org consulting

Carmen L Bonilla
MLT Program(s):

Propelled LLC is a professional leadership development and organizational consulting company.

We deliver the following services:
*Leadership development programs – Contact us if you have a management/ leadership team that you’re scheduling training for
*Professional development programs – Contact me if you are looking for a speaker on soft skill and/or job search skills topics for your business resource group, professional association, or community organization
*Services supporting job seekers, including:
– Resume review services
– Job search coaching

Business and Professional Services

Discount code: Resume review services -- Special offer for MLTers: $329/per package To get started, email me and introduce yourself I will provide information on how the service works
Quality TouchpointsLast-mile delivery service for Amazon.

Michael Hendrix
MLT Program(s):

Quality Touchpoints is part of the Amazon Delivering Service Partner (DSP) program servicing the last mile delivery for Amazon parcels.

Our mission is to deliver packages on time to customers with unparalleled quality, maintaining a positive culture while meeting a high customer service level agreement (SLA) driven by a safe, profitable, efficient operation.

Auto and Industrial

QuicknSteady StudiosPhotography, Videography, and Graphic Design.

Nick Velazquez
MLT Program(s): MBAP 2015

Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design focused on Diversity. We offer Portrait, Wedding & Event Photography/Videography as well YouTube Video Production, Website & Logo Design. With over 8 years of experience producing Marketing Materials for brands like Michael Kors, Google, Oscar Health, MLT and Verizon among others, we have bias for speed while maintaining high quality.

Arts and Entertainment

RIZZARRCurated digital media marketplace

Ashley M. Williams
MLT Program(s): Ascend Coach 2014;Ascend Coach 2015;CP 2010

As businesses evolve in engaging customers and audiences online, RIZZARR aims to help them with their content marketing needs. RIZZARR is a curated content marketplace that allows businesses to create digital media alongside everyday Millennial and Gen Z content creators. RIZZARR acts as an intermediator, enabling businesses to use its content-as-a-service platform to find and work with its network of over 5,000 talented content creators in producing purpose-driven articles, social posts, videos, podcasts, and photos.

Season ThreeProduce outdoor footwear.

Jared Johnson
MLT Program(s):

Season Three is an outdoor lifestyle brand making heritage footwear for a new generation.

SentidosLatinx/Hispanic / Multicultural Marketing

Lupe De Los Santos
MLT Program(s):

Sentidos LLC is a company that provides Multicultural (LatinX), Millennial, & Adult Beverage Strategic Marketing Guidance. We specialize in helping brands connect with Entertainment, Sports, & Lifestyle Marketing Platforms to drive their business.

Arts and Entertainment

SparcTalent sourcing and engagement platform

Laurel Djoukeng
MLT Program(s):

One Liner: Talent Sourcing + Engagement platform

Sparc connects and arranges live engagements with people that have complementary interests.

Sparc Users are either a Host or Guest.

Hosts create posts, events, and Guests explore all the events and people that are on the platform.

At our current stage (initial use-case [Career Recruiting] + Beachhead Market [College Students/Young Professional <> Employers]):

1. Connect Employers (supply side) with College students (demand side), increasing the Employer’s candidate pipeline

2. Streamline the screening process while impacting undergraduate students’ self-discovery

3. Highlight and disseminate overlooked opportunities aligned with college students’ values and goals

We allow employers to arrange post jobs, Info sessions, fireside/coffee chats, and interviews to engage with their ideal candidates. We execute sourcing and marketing and have SaaS tools that manage the process for Employer from end-end (event creation to execution)

We solve the information gap and recruiting process problem for College students. Students effectively identify, connect, and develop a rapport with personnel at companies and pursue opportunities that are aligned with their goals and skill-sets. In addition to earn income tutoring high school student on Sparc.

Spoor ASSoftware enabling continuous monitoring of wildlife in wind farms

Lorea Coronado-Garcia
MLT Program(s):

Spoor is developing a software which enables continuous monitoring of wildlife in wind farms, pre and post construction. Spoor is leveraging existing infrastructure, computer vision, and AI to provide valuable environmental insights with higher accuracy, resulting in informed decision-making, planning and operations. Our aim is to become the next generation biodiversity data platform that allows industry and nature to coexist.

Home and Personal

Standard Real Estate InvestmentsReal estate private equity company

Jerome Nichols
MLT Program(s):

Standard Real Estate Investments (“Standard REI”) is a real estate private equity company that manages capital on behalf of institutions and allocates joint venture equity to developers nationwide. We are development specialists that execute across property sectors. Standard REI is a minority-owned and controlled firm.

Real Estate and Construction

Stef Alicia MadeA social change consultancy & content company

Stef Alicia McCalmon
MLT Program(s):

SAM is an organizational design and storytelling company. Using design thinking methodology, we help you build more equitable and inclusive tools to honor the diversity of your company, customers, and the communities you serve. Then we help you tell your story to drive more impact.

Business and Professional Services

Sustainably TidyHelps declutter and organize your physical space

Alexa Abbott
MLT Program(s):

In a world awakening to the challenging realities of overconsumption, Sustainably Tidy helps you declutter and organize your physical space in a way that’s sustainable for both you and the planet.

We work with you to set goals and practices sustainable for your lifestyle, with the intent that they become your daily default. Throughout our four-step approach, we coach you to become your own sustainably tidy guru.

Home and Personal

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Tabletop MonthlyCustom expansions for your favorite board games

Daniel Arnold
MLT Program(s):

We create and sell expansions, scenarios and add-ons for your favorite tabletop board games. All products are printed in the United States.

Home and Personal

The Pivot ClubCurated jewelery subscription service

Marqui Mapp-Taylor
MLT Program(s):

The Pivot Club is a jewelry subscription service catering to busy, professional women who love accessories but don’t have much time to shop. We curate four pieces of jewelry based on the customer’s tastes, lifestyle and budget and ship to her a personalized jewelry box. Customers can choose to receive boxes either monthly for $15 p/month or quarterly for $15 p/quarter after the free 3-month trial. Women can buy the jewelry they love from their box using the $15 fee as a credit toward purchases, and return the rest using the prepaid mailer.

Discount code: Promo Code: MLT15 Promotion: Receive 15% off of your first purchase.
The Profit CenterPart-time CFO & finance consultative services

Candace Ramsey
MLT Program(s):

The Profit Center is a finance strategy firm working with aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to drive growth and maximize profitability. We offer part-time CFO and finance consultative services.

Financial Services

Total Spice CompanyFull-service food contract manufacturer

Alex Thomas
MLT Program(s):

Total Spice Company is full-service food contract manufacturer, providing co-packaging and private label services for retail, food service and food manufacturers. We help companies with their food ingredient needs and help entrepreneurs bring their food brand to market!

Retail and Restaurants

UhaiAward winning scalp and hair wellness products.

Varsay Sirleaf
MLT Program(s):

Uhai utilizes African superfoods to create award winning scalp and hair wellness products.

Health, Beauty, and Fitness

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Uncharted PowerHelps cities and developers ease the management last mile infrastructure.

Martin Grady
MLT Program(s):

Our platform transforms the ground into a smartphone so that deploying and managing sustainable infrastructure—from EV charging stations to smart water systems—is as convenient as downloading and running an app.

Communications and IT

Discount code: No promotional code - just clarifying that while an MLT alumnus is not the founder, I am an MLT alumnus with an equity stake in the company. Desirée Stolar encouraged me to submit.
Well TressedHair tools & accessories created for textured hair

Stacie Smith
MLT Program(s):

Well Tressed is reframing hair tools & accessories; transforming them from basic commodities to critical aids to take the hassle out of hair care & styling for textured hair. We launched with microfiber hair towels and are expanding to other products soon.

Health, Beauty, and Fitness

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WellCappedConcierge Service allows members to reserve high quality wigs

Shante Frazier
MLT Program(s):

WellCapped’s concierge Service allows members to reserve high quality wigs through a rent-the-runway business model.

Health, Beauty, and Fitness

Yielding Accomplished African WomenOn a mission to build the Linkedin for Black Women

Diana Wilson
MLT Program(s):

Yielding Accomplished African Women is investing in the under-invested: Black women.Yielding Accomplished African Women is on a mission to build the largest career community and online academy for Black college women, and the place where hundreds of young women are building their career. The first of its kind in the world.

Nonprofit Organizations & Associations

Your Vision’s Catalyst, LLCThe Start-Up Business Strategist & Defibrillator

Vanessa Zamy
MLT Program(s):

Vanessa Zamy is a business expert, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of FINISH: The Solopreneur’s Guide To Getting Stuff Done. Vanessa is dedicated to helping full-time employees transition to entrepreneurship, time freedom, and financial freedom by growing their business while employed. Since starting her business while employed in 2019, Vanessa was able to peacefully and calmly leave her six-figure day job in early 2021 and never look back.

Through her consulting company, Your Vision’s Catalyst, Vanessa Zamy works with high-achieving, corporate employees to increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability so they can reduce overwhelm while growing their profit-producing, purpose-driven business. Her motto: keep it simple, then keep it movin’! Vanessa has been featured in Fast Company, NPR Marketplace, and on the 2021 Women To Watch list by The Women In Business Club. Her background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies.

Business and Professional Services

Discount code: Complimentary business session to unpack what’s been sabotaging your marketing and sales success and a path forward to grow your business:
YTPshopContemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women

Yinka Taiwo-Peters
MLT Program(s):

YTPshop is a contemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women and is designed by Yinka Taiwo-Peters, a Nigerian immigrant in the U.S. All YTPshop products are ethically handcrafted by female artisans in Nigeria and the prints are carefully sourced from West African markets. Keeping the clothing production in Nigeria helps to grow the local economy and keep our products authentic. Every YTPshop product is truly a gift to the artisans, whose families depend on their fair wages, in the motherland. YTPshop is based and ships worldwide from the U.S.

Retail and Restaurants

Discount code: MLT